First Entry

30 03 2007

Well as I figure out wordpress I will be adding things along!

The purpose of my blog?  Well I guess there is a couple of things!

  1. Show others my journey of figuring out HOW to open a free store up, attempt to market it, show my hills and valleys of the learning curve…and possibly learn some things from readers!
  2. Show items from my store from time to time to hopefully get them there, and possibly purchase some items so I can donate some proceeds to Focus Ministries.  Focus Ministries is a Christian based Domestic Abuse Ministry.  I think they do a fine job, and I hope I can help them out financially so they can keep going!  There is a huge need out there for their services!
  3. Hopefully at the same time place some educational items out there so others can learn about this very important issue!

So how did I find a store?  I have to be honest I was trying to get rid of some of the junk around my house, and placed them on ebay.  I got very frustrated with their system of placing items on there, so it wouldn’t take so darn long!  I did some reading on the community section, and saw an ad for Auctiva  I went and read around, and saw that they actually had videos about their product.  Myself, personally I love visuals!  

I went ahead signed up for the free service, and decided I would offer their optional insurance of my ebay bids.  I figure it was the least I could do for paying for a really COOL product!  Check it out!  Free templates, and once you really get the hang of things…pretty darn easy!  They also have a community that you can go and ask questions to.

In their community they had a thread about online stores.  They seem to speak about stores off ebay mostly. was the first one they mentioned, and then they mentioned Ecrater Now I signed up for ecrater sometime in the evening, and decided to take a second look later on.  The next day I guess they were doing upgrades or something, because the server was down.  I went back to my community thread on auctiva, and took another look at blujay  I guess you can call me impatient, because I began to place my items up that I wanted to place in a store there.  It was nice but I really like the idea of catagories, more pictures, some of the other extras that ecrater had over blujay.  I do wish ecrater would allow links, and html.  I think that is one drawback.  I do think they both have good features, but for me I prefered ecrater.

So!  Introducing:

 My store for the new Store.  It will be changing as I figure out more, and I will share will all of you!  For now I need to go, and I will leave you with my first add from Ecrater!

Calvin Klein 36 x 32 Mens Straight Leg Jeans


Up for sale is an authentic pair of Calvin Klein men’s Jeans size 36 x 32.


These are nice Jeans with no holes, rips, fraying. They have been washed, and are ready to go right out of the box!
Check the measurements below!

Waist – Top of Pants 37
Hips – Around Bottom of Zipper 48
Rise – Crotch Seam to Top of Pants 12
Zipper to Top Of Pants 8
Inseam – Crotch Seam to Hem of Pants 27
Bottom of Pants – Length folded in half 10

Normally, I use Priority Mail for all my packages.

If you would prefer to use Parcel Post for your packages to save some money on shipping I would be more than happy to do that. Keep in mind that will take at times a lot longer to get to you, and has restrictions for delivery confirmation and insurance.

I would be more than happy to combine items to save your money on shipping charges, and I normally ship out within 3-4 business days. If there is a delay I will contact you right away. I normally try to get the packages out promptly.

I welcome international orders, but you will have to contact me for a quote. Also be note that I can only pay the shipping charges presented at the time from the carrier, and can’t be responsible for additional fees you are asked to pay to be received within your country.

Here are some helpful links for conversion from USA Sizes to International Sizes!




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