My Journey Continues

30 03 2007

With Ecrater I have learned (for me anyway) is that I have to edit my pictures first, and place them on my hard drive.  I use CorelDraw 9 and Photo Paint for my stuff to edit after I take the pictures.  I had read somewhere that if you place color and a caption behind your items it will make them stick out.  I don’t know if that works, but I figure I will give that a try for a while and see what happens.

The template itself took some getting used to, but the community forum was helpful with most of the items.  I figured out my logo banner pretty quickly, and if you have a program that will allow you to use pixels for the sizing your banner will be larger(I converted to inches as it says .833 x .227).  Otherwise I found it just makes it to small.  The bigger picture right below it was a chore to figure out.    I noticed within the forum most of the time when the question is asked they are forwarded to a thread regarding images, but I had a hard time figuring out what they were saying.  I’m talking about the section where is says, “Your Image Here”.  To be honest I was looking for the upload button like you have to the logo section, and it wasn’t there.  If I were guessing I would assume that is what threw me!  You will get to that portion, but ONLY after you click the template that you choose for your store.  Its different that just telling the program WHAT template you want!  LOL After you do that you go back CLICK on the chosen template, and then the upload screen appears!  Again I made sure pixel size was correct(.583 x .653 inches).

St. John's Bay 40 x 30 Big and Tall Mens Pants Slacks Trousers NICE!


Up for sale is an authentic pair of St. John’s Bay Big and Tall Khaki’s in men’s size 40 x 30.
There are no holes or stains. Very Nice!


Pants are gently worn, and very handsome. They have been washed, and are ready to go right out of the box!
Very Nice pair of pants, and check the measurements below!

Waist – Top of Pants 40
Hips – Around Bottom of Zipper 50
Rise – Crotch Seam to Top of Pants 12
Zipper to Top Of Pants 9.5
Inseam – Crotch Seam to Hem of Pants 27
Bottom of Pants – Length folded in half 9.5

Normally, I use Priority Mail for all my packages.

If you would prefer to use Parcel Post for your packages to save some money on shipping I would be more than happy to do that. Keep in mind that will take at times a lot longer to get to you, and has restrictions for delivery confirmation and insurance.

I would be more than happy to combine items to save your money on shipping charges, and I normally ship out within 3-4 business days. If there is a delay I will contact you right away. I normally try to get the packages out promptly.

I welcome international orders, but you will have to contact me for a quote. Also please note that I can only pay the shipping charges presented at the time from the carrier, and can’t be responsible for additional fees you are asked to pay to be received within your country.




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