Payment Options Section

2 04 2007

The offer will expire in the future, but for now it looks like google wants a piece of the action that paypal has been getting for years.  They are now offering payment options you can use for your store.

Google Ad is on Ecrater right now.  All your payments processing will be free until the end of 2007.  I have to be honest I have NOT checked this out so far.  I have a paypal account, and I have for years.  Maybe later when I learn about it a bit more I will write about.

This looks like a link that will be there forever regarding their service at GOOGLE CHECKOUT!

It looks like things are explained pretty well there.  If you decide to use this service just make sure you check that box.

If you have a paypal account you need to check that box.  Then make sure you enter the email address that goes with that account. 

There is the link to PAYPAL for rest of your questions.

For myself I do accept money orders, but I’m sorry I am NOT going to place my address for the world to see!  If I were guessing all kinds of people are out there for junk mail purposes, etc.  If they want to use money orders they can contact me for that information.  I do mention in my ads that I accept this form of payment, and also in the question and answer section.

Cashier’s check, Personal Check, and Cash on Delivery – well that is up to you what you wish to offer!

One item I wanted to point out because I can see this happening if you are currently using paypal, and place the shipping charges in there automatically – this can be a problem with ecrater!  Lets say all you do is ship one product at a flat rate.  You asked paypal to automatically charge lets say $10.00 for shipping automatically.  It sounds like the ecrater charges the $10.00 and your default on paypal will also.  I saw this note on their community board regarding this:

MY SHIPPING IS SET BUT PAYPAL ADDS EXTRA CHARGES- WHY?Log into your Paypal account and make sure the override check box is checked in your Profile. If omitted, and your Profile-based shipping is enabled, your customer will be charged the amount or percentage defined in your profile.More Questions??  Check this thread on Ecrater HERE for paypal.More Questions on Google checkout?  Here you GOFeatured Product For the Day:Haggar Mens Polyester Pants 38 x 30 Haggar Mens Polyester Pants 38 x 30Details: Up for sale is an authentic pair of 100% Dacron Polyester pants by Haggar Big and Tall in men’s size 38 x 29.
Pants are front pleated and they feel very soft.
Condition:Pants are gently worn, and very handsome. They have been washed, and are ready to go right out of the box!
Very Nice pair of Haggar Big and Tall mens pants, but check the measurements below!
Waist – Top of Pants 38
Hips – Around Bottom of Zipper 48
Rise – Crotch Seam to Top of Pants 13
Zipper to Top Of Pants 9
Inseam – Crotch Seam to Hem of Pants 28
Bottom of Pants – Length folded in half 9.75




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