Shipping and Taxes Section

3 04 2007

I’m going to go into this whole section all at once.  To be honest there isn’t much to it, and it’s not the most HELPFUL section to the free online store in the world!

The Weight Scale section:

You need to choose the section that best fits your needs.  For myself I picked the first section:  Small.  I left it at that also!

In the shipping zones it depends on WHERE you are and WHERE you want to ship – you pick it!  For me being in the United States every country outside of here can be very confusing for shipping!  I choose NOT to include any other countries.  For now I want to stick to pants, since I’m not all that familiar with other things.  Most of the time pants will weight anywhere from 2-3 lbs on average in the box.  I know alot of people use those tyvec bags from the postal service, and I get kind of afraid of that!  I have ordered some bigger bags that aren’t offered at my local post office to see if I can use them.  For now I place the item into a shopping bag, so it will protect it from the weather once it arrives.  I use a box just because to me its more sturdy!  That might change once I receive the ordered items.  I don’t know yet!  I’m not sure if taping the crud out of the envelope will give me peace of mind it will get there in one piece to be honest! I do note that I ship internationally, but they need to contact me.  Certain orders if they are large enough I need to use insurance, and possiblity another carrier besides USPS.USPS Site for Supplies You can get all kinds of sizes of boxes, bags, and supplies from there.  Most of the items are FREE!  Can’t beat THAT!  If you sell more DVD’s, Books, Shoes, etc they have special boxes just for you!  I used one of their shoe box items for shipping lots of old VHS Tapes I had around the house that sold on Ebay.

The shipping Matrix I will have to play around with a bit.  Either I am NOT very quick, or I’m over thinking it!  For now I just filled in amounts for 1lb, 2lb and 4lb.  The one pound I will just use a standard flat rate envelope!  The 2 lb package I picked middle of the road postage zone for the rate.  The 4 lbs I used the standard flat rate box charge for USPS.  The most anyone has ever purchased from me was 2 items, and that is all I could fit in the box anyway.I came across an interesting conversation about “What if you use Ounces?  You know for light items! Here is what poster came up with!

So, the problem. I sell items that are very light and usually ship 1st Class and only weigh 2-4 ounces. With this system I couldn’t see how to set it up so when someone purchased more than one item so they wouldn’t get raped on shipping charges.The sollution. What I figured out was that instead of using the shipping matrix as it was ment to be used with pound weight’s I use it instead based on ounces.Example. For Mainland US in the shipping matrix I have shipping set to $1.50 for column’s 1 and 2 (ounces) then it starts going to even numbe weight’s. 4 is set to $1.65, 6 at $2.10, 8 at 2.60, 10 at 3.10, 12 at 3.55, 14 at 4.60, 16 at 4.60 and for 16+ which add’s the set ammount for each additional 2 units I set it to .30 cents.Created some store items and did a test checkout and it works!!!Just make sure that when you create your listing’s when you put in the weight to do it in ounces and not pounds. Not perfect but it works.Hope this helps anyone else that ships very light items.Pretty COOL huh? For the Sales tax portion you need to know HOW much sales tax you much charge for your area.  Some places you don’t have to charge sales tax if shipping outside the state, but DO have to charge within the state.  Again ask your accountant for this, and fill in the correct amount where indicated on the chart.  Leave the rest blank!

Lot of 5 Fun Boy’s Tee’s Sizes Vary around 6 – 7 Lot of 5 Fun Boy's Tee's Sizes Vary around 6 - 7This is a collection of Boy’s Tees, and I will describe all five,
and see the bottom for the pictures of them taken individually!
I took these measurements laying down, and certain measurements
you may wish to double.
The Red Tank Top (Sleeveless) is a Sonoma size M (5-6)Armpit to Armpit Seam is 14.5, Shoulder to Shoulder Seam is 11.75.
Shoulder seam to hem is 15.75 and Pit seam to hem is 10. Armhole is 6.
The Senor Frog Shirt (Skateboard theme) doesn’t have a size listed,
but I would guess 7. Armpit to Armpit seam is 14,
Shoulder to Shoulder Seam is 13, Shoulder seam to hem is 17.
Pit seam to hem is 10 . Top Sleeve seam to hem 6, Bottom 4.
The Moose Creek Shirt is a Arizona Shirt in Size L or 7.
Armpit to Armpit is 13.75, Shoulder to Shoulder seam is 12.75.
Shoulder Seam to hem is 16.5, and Pit seam to hem is 10.
Sleeve Searm to hem 6 and bottom is 2.5″.

The “Super Troops” Army Shirt is a Sonoma Shirt in Youth S.
Armpit to Armpit is 14.25, Shoulder to Shoulder seam is 14.
Shoulder Seam to hem is 18, and Pit seam to hem is 11.75.
Sleeve Seam to hem 4.25 and bottom is 2.5″.

The “SpiderMan” Shirt is a Underroos Shirt in L.
It does have a small smudge on the front that I just noticed.
It doesn’t look permanate. Armpit to Armpit is 15.25,
Shoulder to Shoulder seam is 13. Shoulder Seam to hem is
17.25, and Pit seam to hem is 10.25. Sleeve Seam to
hem 5.5 and bottom is 3″.

proceeds go to:
Focus Ministries 




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