Title Tag Page for your store

5 04 2007

I’m going to go at this Section one at a time.  I’m not sure about some items, and as I figure them out I will pass that along! 

What is the title page you ask? 

If you look on top of your screen you will see something along the lines of my article title that you are reading: Title Tag Page for your store – and then it will mention my blog name: Nice Used Clothes For Charity.  WordPress does this for you automatically, but in Ecrater you must place what text you want in that space.

You ever notice on some sites they say, “WELCOME!!” and some message?  THAT is part of their title page!  Basically this is this is the text that is displayed in the top section of the browser when you open a certain page.

I found an interesting article on title tags!

All About Title Tags  

I found some tips on how to dress up the site also!  Some of it made alot of sense! 

Dozen Tips for Sprucing up your website!

Girls Honua Spagetti Strap Orange Top – ADORABLE NWOT 13/14

Girls Honua Spagetti Strap Orange Top - ADORABLE NWOT 13/14


This top is very adorable! We were very disappointed when the gift from HI
(relatives on vacation) didn’t fit! This item was tried on, and
never worn again.

There is a zipper on the right hand side
from the picture along the side of the garment. Makes it easier to put on.

Tag on the inside states:


55%/45% poly/cotton

machine wash cold no

bleach, tumble dry med

use cool rion

Made in HI


Style# 4000

Size 13/14

Measurements from garment laying down flat

The top (armpit to armpit) is 15.5 inches

Armpit seam to armpit seam 17”

Seam of armpit to bottom of garment is 12.25 inches

The straps themselves are 12 inches

Measurement from side to side (front) on top of 1st ruffle is 14.5” (seam to seam)

You will LOVE this top!!

Domestic abuse violence ministry we are trying to help with your sales:
Focus Minstries




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