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10 04 2007

Focus Ministries

This one of the pictures you will see once you get to their website.  I think first of all I need to mention they are not a part of Focus on the Family organization.  I have noticed alot of people assume this due to the ‘focus’ part in their name.  I believe they do work together at times.

This ministry handles domestic abuse or spouse abuse for women.  They have a special section for Pastor’s wifes as well!  They have an awesome section for articles that people can read to remind them of God’s love for them right on the website.  They have a board that is closed to the public for ladies that would like support online.  You can email them, call them, or read about them right from your computer.

Domestic abuse is a very complicated issue, and it seems to get even more so when you add the faith factor to it.  Focus Ministries has staff that can train your church staff on this subject, and also has support literature that you can purchase from their site.  They have been featured in Christian Counseling Today magazine with articles like: Domestic Voilence among believers.   They have a very committed staff, and have two locations (IL, KY).

I find when churches are approached with this type of situation alot of times they unknowingly do things to make things worse instead of better.  Its not a realm that is easily handled, and from what I have seen and heard they tend to either place the burden back on the women OR “have a word” with the man.  Alot of things they do seems so much like common sense, and yet we have to remember we are not entering a world where common sense, logic, and reality is in its true form.  Well respected people from the church could be very different behind closed doors, and the members of that church just can’t see past that image once this issue comes into the light.  To be honest its human nature at times isn’t it?

You have options of:

Receive the newsletter as a source of encouragement and hope or give it as a gift to a woman in need. This is an interactive publication, which encourages readers to provide feedback and tell their own stories. It includes humor, recipes, book reviews, “Words that Heal”, motivational and educational articles, and an on-going story (Princess & Predator).

  • FOCUS Newsletter is published monthly. Subscriptions: $15 per year (12 issues). 10% discount for multiple copies to one address (If ordered via postal mail).

Here is a sample of that:  Focus Newsletter

You can also order your newsletter to be deliveried online if you prefer!

There are options of them also helping you start a Focus Ministries group in your area!

They have a number of options for purchase, or viewing online such as:

I find myself when reading articles either online, or boards geared towards faith with opinions on how this situation needs to be handled.  It really saddens me to see such ignorance out there, and I have to be very honest with you – I at one time was in the same boat as they are NOW!  I believed alot of the myths, and used things that would seem to make sense in everyday life.  I have to admit I was a bit shocked when I found people claiming if the women would be more submissive (for example) he wouldn’t beat her and/or the children.  If she would pray to be a better wife, cook his favorite dinner, do her duty in the bedroom this evil within him would leave.  They ask questions of her like, “What did you do to make him so mad?”.  LOL As if whatever was done is a good enough excuse for domestic abuse!

I think the best description of it that I have heard was from a sermon from Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer at Moody Bible Church was their “root of rage”.  He did a sermon called the “Destructive Secret”.  I came across a blogger speaking about a posting that was read on a faith board.  It was as if people were telling the wife to ignore her feelings, wants and dont’ communicate those to her spouse!  You see her spouse didn’t like what she wanted to speak about, and the subject matter was more than reasonable – and important to her!  The author points out that people SCREAM communication, and yet you received advice like HUSH if it will get them upset to talk about it!  Dicussion link here.

The above was minor compared to alot of the items that Focus Ministries deals with, but you can see the beginnings of trouble in the discussion I mentioned also.  I have to be honest I do believe it is fear that causes so many to go into denial over this issue.  LOL Can’t say that I blame them!  Its a scarey subject, and at times there doesn’t seem to be any good answers to it!

I want to mention right now that I don’t believe abuse is a gender issue.  There are alot of men out there in domestic abuse situations as well.  I think more education will be coming out regarding that aspect as well.  I truly think in alot of ways men have been neglected in this area when they were the victims.  I have to wonder if it isn’t the world’s image of “male ego” or “pride”.  It’s silly whatever it is!

Anyway – after my long winded and all over the place mention on the blog TODAY if you don’t see anything in the store that’s fine….consider a donation to the Focus Minstries directly!  They are truly doing God’s work!

Thank you!

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