Keywords – what are they and what do they do?

12 04 2007

This is a HUGE subject, but basically the keywords are something you use within your site to drive traffic to your site.  You can find tools online that help you with this.  Its helpful for example when you want to know which is more popular “Levis” or “Levi” or “Levi Jeans” etc.  Which words are used MORE often when someone is searching for your types of items.  I did a couple of checks on some of the keywords I felt would work, and found out just minor changes to my choices would bring in more traffic according to the tools.

Search Engines from what I have figured out so far have 3 parts to them.  First of all you hear the term “Spider” or “Crawling your site”.  Spiders are interesting in text, URL’s, websites, etc.  They are looking around for fresh content, and leads to MORE content as well!  Spiders are NOT looking for your images!  If you have this BIG sale, and you place all the important information about this sale in your image – the spider won’t see it!  Make sure that important driving information is also in text form within your site.  Spiders are looking for TEXT not pictures!  They are looking for fresh text as well, so make sure you have something worth coming back for.  Fresh content the spiders LOVE!  They also LOVE links – why?  MORE content to crawl!  Just remember spiders have a ‘text’ addiction!

Next Search engines have the Index Software.  The index software takes all the information that spider throws at them, and basically makes sense of it!  Its uses a algorithm.  I found a good page that spoke about this called What is a algorithm?  I guess you could say the Index software basically organizes the information much like your card catalog system would at the library.  Each engine has their own system, and I guess we will have to learn more about that in the future!

Next you have the query Software.  That is what you use when go to the search engine with your keywords that you use to find something.  The query software looks to the index software to pick what they are going to offer you.  Unless your information is in the index software – unless a spider has crawled your site – you aren’t going to be coming up!

So what did we learn in this very simplistic defination today?  Keywords are the words people type in to the search engine to find the information they are looking for.  First you need to find out WHAT keywords are needed for your site, and then you need to get those spiders to work crawling your site.  This takes time of course, and there is alot more to it also.  For now we need to understand the basics.  Once we have those down we figure out more later on!

Wordtracker I have read about recently, and they have some free options for beginners.

Overture keyword selector is another keyword tool that is mentioned.

Levis Action Mens Jeans 40 x 32 USA Red Tag

Levis Action Jeans

These Mens Levi Action Jeans are used, but have alot of wear left in them!

These measurements are taken when the Mens Levi Action Jeans laying down!

Waist approx 39″

Hips (from bottom of zipper) 42″

Rise (crotch seam to top of pants) 13″

From Zipper to top of pants 10″

Inseam is 26″

Bottom of pants seam to seam 9″

Label reads: 50% cotton/50% trevira esp polyester

These Mens Levi Action Jeans are in Excellent condition. There are no stains, holes, fraying. There is some slight fading, and it has the red tag.

I have washed these Mens Levi Action Jeans, so they are ready to do right out of the box!




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