Why Keywords are Important!

14 04 2007

The more keywords that are found on your site the more traffic the search engines will send you.  This includes your title, context, links, descriptions – everything!  I know for myself if an article doesn’t speak on my level – I’m GONE!  Make sure you are clear about your topics and information.  Make sure you USE those keywords within your site.  If I’m correct that has something to do with the ‘keyword density’.  The more the word is used brings up your keyword density.  That is for another day ……

The amount of keywords seems to confusing to me.  When I have researched one article will say keep it short.  Maybe use 20-24 keywords.  Others state that you can use THOSANDS.  I have to wonder if this has factors depending on the project you are trying to promote.  For example, a blog you are limited on what you can add to your site.  If you own your own website, blog, store etc those factors may change. 

When you go to a keyword tool online first type in something simple.  For my store maybe it would be “jeans”.  When I do this we can see what kinds of combinations come up with the word ‘jeans’, and the figures we are taking about.

I found another small program that is free called Keyword Explorer.  I didn’t enter my name or email – just kept clicking until I got to the download page.  Some websites will allow you to do this.  The reason I did this is because I don’t want to hand out my email address to get my mailbox FULL of newsletters, ads, offers for new products, etc from this company.  I don’t know enough about the author, and to be honest we all get enough SPAM don’t we! 

Anyway this program has two options:  Display all Keywords and Dig for more key phrases.  I found that my firewall had a hissie at first when I attempted this program.  I’m trying it out, and if I don’t like it I will remove the program and place a block on it via the firewall later.  It needs to access the internet in order to gather information.  Below is a video I found about the product so you can see if you are interested also.

The program handed me 100 keywords I could use for ‘jeans’.  I wanted a bit more depth so I used the second option, and it took at while to bring up ALL the results!  Some of them are not something I would wish to use, but I don’t think this program will give me the option to delete them so I will just ignore them.  I was searching for keywords that I could see people using to find my products.    I will use a partial example here:

(15,806) levi jeans – Main Catagory
(844) womens levi jeans – break down 844 out of 15,806
(724) levi 501 jeans
(648) man levi jeans
(602) levi 505 jeans
(553) jeans levi skinny
(543) levi strauss jeans

The list went on for a while – I think you get the idea!

Once you get your keywords next try to find words that relate to those keywords!  Red tag may be example used to find levis, or Relaxed fit – something like that.  Those are also search terms that people will be using, and you want to find those terms to include.

From what I have found out keyword search is not something that you do once, and forget about!  It sounds like it is an on-going process.  You might have some really important keywords that draw people to your site, but keeping up on what is popular is also a key to ongoing traffic.




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