Scams – one I got and you need to watch out for!

15 04 2007

I placed a couple of promotional products within my store, and within the trophy and awards section.  I had heard of scams, and I had heard how they word things to get people to bite!  Some people will get so excited because they get a hint of the first sale that they might even go for it!  Be careful!

Re: Ultra Round Stic Grip Promotional Pen .44 at Quantity of 500

Buyer: donsmith

Hello ,
    i am to notify you my interest in buying your ITEM on behalf of my
Boss.He has given me a quick notice to placed an order for your
particular ITEM .I need to get in touch with you on the negotiations if you
would accept a (Money Order or certified check) as a mode of payment.If
yes,send your address phone&name and the final asking price.I am
counting on your support in concluding this transaction within the shortest
time,but my Boss is going to send you( Money Order or certified check) of
an excess money which you will deduct your ITEM fees there and send the
excess Fund to the reputable shipper for Pick Up……

This is something I received recently, and it sounds JUST like those notes everyone was talking about when they speak of scams!

There is no need to ‘chat’ about the price, because all the details are very clear on my sale page of the store.  The buyer (if he was real) would know what terms of payment I accept, and wouldn’t have to ask such a silly question.  Since I offered free shipping the comment at the end doesn’t make any sense at all!  The smell of scam is all over this email! 

From what I have gathered from reading around its normally people based outside the United States.  They will send you the money order or what have you – but it will bounce!

Don’t get to excited when you read these type of things.  Please be careful!  For me you notice he made no mention of artwork for this product, and yet that is KEY for the product he is writing about.  RED FLAGS are waving in the wind over this type of thing!  Place your excitement to the side, and try to look for scams.  They will be coming your way, and you need to realize that so you don’t get burned!

WideBody Promotional Pens – Qty 300 mininum

Promotional Pens

We will help with your artwork as much as possible, and provide an online proof!

Product ships in 5 working days after art approval. We will do our best to help you with your artwork, and we will supply an online proof before production begins. Shipping is a 2-day service at ground rates.

Keep in mind this is a quality pen. It does not fall apart, imprint doesn’t rub off, and the ink doesn’t dry up quickly or leak! Seniors especially love the bigger size of this pen. Enjoy 1.2 miles of writing ink.

Our price is based on .99 per pen with a quantity of 300 minimums.
This is end quantity pricing so the next price break would be 10,001. Free shipping within the United States. We are hoping this sale continues until the end of the year. Orders in house with artwork already approved with be honored at promotional price.

Order Checklist
Quantity: Minimum 300 pieces. Point Style/Ink Color: Medium Point: Black, Blue or
Red Ink. Fine Point: Black or Blue Ink.

Barrel/Trim Color: Choose 1 barrel and 1 trim color from the selection shown.
Please note that barrel and trim colors may not be an exact color match.

Barrel Imprint:
Imprint Area: 2 1/8 x 1″
Color 1: Included.
Color 2: Add $.11 per pen.
Color 3: Add $.11 per pen.

Optional Clip Imprint:
Imprint Area: 3/4″ x 5/32″
Color 1: Add $.14 per pen if requested.

Imprint Colors Specify:
1.) Match trim.
2.) Stock colors (see above).
3.) Custom PMS colors are available, but at an extra cost.

Packaging: Standard – 11 lbs. (approx.) @ 500 per carton.
Shipping: 2-day service at ground rates.
Enjoy 1.2 miles of writing ink.
Wide-profile design with large imprint area.
Over 100 possible color combinations!

Repeat Orders: Shipped in 4 working days. We will hold onto artwork 24 months, and after that new artwork must be resubmitted.

Legal Information and returns policy is below.

Product Performance Policy: All products adhere to strict international quality and safety standards and are produced in accordance with all applicable federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations.

Returns: Merchandise found to be incorrect due to our error would be replaced at no charge when returned within 180 days from receipt of merchandise. Authorization from us is required prior to return of merchandise. Unauthorized returns will be refused and returned to sender. No credit will be issued for merchandise, which is unavailable for return to us.

Authorization Indemnification – by placing an order with us you represent and warrant that you have the authority to order, purchase and distribute merchandise containing the names, trademarks, logos, copyrights, etc identified in your order. You also agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless our company, its parent, subsidiaries and its affiliates, representatives, from and against all claims, liabilities and expenses (including attorney fees) arising out of or related to any actual or alleged infringement or misappropriation of any trademark, copyright or any other proprietary right of such merchandise. This provision will remain in effect after delivery of your order.




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