What is a STOP word?

17 04 2007

My question: Does a ‘stop word’ mean that the search engines STOPS on that word or does it ignore it and then continues reading the page?
Some search engines don’t record extremely common words in order to save space or to speed up searches. These are known as “stop words.”   Certain words, such as “and”, “the,” “a”, “an,” “of,” “on” and “with,” are so common and meaningless that a search engine won’t bother including them in their index, or database, of web page content. So in effect, the stop words on your web pages are ignored as if those words weren’t on your pages in the first place. Including a lot of stop words in your title tag waters down the title tag’s keyword density.

Here is a quote from a post I found – a portion of it anyway – when someone was trying to explain stop words.

It’s ok and may be btter to break this up a bit:


Aspencounty: Offering gold, silver jewelery. Many designs. Best selection. Best prices anywhere.

In this example I avoided the use of “stop” words and saved 19 characters while still saying the same thing. The same applies to your keywords. Most recommend they be separated with a comma (,).New and used, gold and silver jewelery, men’s and woman’s.New, used, gold, silver, jewelery, men’s, woman’s

While this is the traditional way of thinking there are even some that suggest not even separating them with a comma (,) but just by spacing them. The theory is by not using commas, the search engines can arrange them in several different combinations and phrases. Personally I haven’t leaned toward this idea yet.

So basically NO the stop words will not stop your site from being crawled, but they are a waste of time to use.  At times you must use stop word otherwise your title would not make sense at all to the read once they got there.  So in other words use them ONLY when you have to!  I found a long list of POSSIBLE words that will be ignored!  Keep in mind you can’t always get away with NOT using them so don’t FREAK out if you must use some of them!

Stop Words
 I placed the above on an excel spreadsheet, and then saved as a jpg so I could save as a chart.  If you need a bigger view here is my photobucket link.

Levis Dockers Mens 40 x 32 pants slacks trousers Classic, Pleated


These Levi Dockers Mens Pants are used, but have alot of wear in them!

Please see the Measurements below to make sure these will fit you the way you like!!

The Label Reads: 100% Cotton. No Wrinkle Twill. Classic Fit, Pleated. Style# 40443 8126

These Levi Dockers Mens pants are very NICE! They have been well taken care of, and Khaki color that is neutral enough in color to go with alot of items in your closet! I dont see any holes, stains, fraying, fading. Please see the gallery pictures to see the details including the faux wooden buttons, etc.

Please check out the measurements to make sure these Levis Dockers would fit you well! If you have any other questions please feel free to send me a note! The Size states 40/32.

Waist – Top of Pants 40
Hips – Around Bottom of Zipper 50
Rise – Crotch Seam to Top of Pants 13
Zipper to Top Of Pants 9.5
Inseam – Crotch Seam to Hem of Pants 32
Bottom of Pants – Length folded in half 9.5




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