Expanding on Keywords

22 04 2007

The more I search about keywords the more deep you get!  One thing you want to keep in mind is just because a keyword is popular, and you include it (which you should) doesn’t mean your ranking on the search engine is going to sky rocket!  Keywords that relate to your main ones can help you within a niche.  The keywords that everyone is using like customers and search engines will ‘expect’ to be there is a base.  They will help with time for your rating for the search engines later on!  Its the next step in this overwhelming (at times) process for beginners like myself!

What other words do I use along with those keywords, or secondary keywords?  I guess the best term for this would be ‘qualifers’.  I found an interesting article about this called:  Keyword Stategy.  You are searching for terms they are going to use, along with your  base of regular keywords.  The author of the article suggests at times your location.  Sometimes you may wish to use a short phrases, and it also suggests to find out the most popular misspelled terms.

It mentions keyword placed on each page, and I have to assume they are talking within the html itself.  Ecrater is limited in that aspect.  I will have to keep that in mind as I search for more knowledge to make sure that is indeed the case.  We only have one place within ecrater that we can place the keyword for meta tags.

Another trick I keep hearing about is using keywords that RELATE to what you are using.  What words would people USE that relate to the subject.  For example, if you write about knitting maybe you could use yarn types.  I don’t know if that would WORK for knitting okay?  I just threw it out there as an example!  Others could be maybe sweaters, hats which are products you MAKE while you are knitting!

When I started this journey, and I knew NOTHING I started with the normal keywords that I could think of.  Then I thought about how people would term looking for an store with Nice Used Clothes!  Other terms they might use for the clothes themselves!  One item that I changed when I started to use Ebay (novice there also) is when I found some nice men’s pants.  I found that people don’t always use the word PANTS for the search.  I found they either use PANTS, TROUSERS, SLANKS for their searches.  I was reading this post on ebay in the community section, and people from all over the place were fighting about what term to use.  I had enough room, and I ran with IT….I used all of them!  I guess I expanded on my keywords that way huh?

One thing I seem to keep running into is mentions that you need to keep up on your keywords.  Make sure you check the words, the secondary words, the phrases, etc that you place there because they may change with time.  Again you are looking for fresh content for the spiders to crawl aren’t we?  It has been suggested that you keep adding on to the keywords, and as my journey continues that really does confuse me!  Some places tell you to keep it short and sweet while others tell you the opposite!  I guess we will have to see what works for us!

Here is an example of pants, slanks, trousers……

 Louis Raphael 38 x 32 Mens Pants Slacks Trousers NICE!

Louis Raphael 38 x 32 Mens Pants Slacks Trousers NICE!

Louis Raphael Mens Polyester Pants 38 x 32


Up for sale is an authentic pair of 100% Mircofiber Polyester pants by Louis Raphael in men’s size 38 x 32.
The Louis Raphael Pants are front pleated and they feel very soft.


Louis Raphael 38x 32 Pants are gently worn, but do have one button missing on the rear pocket.

They have been washed, and are ready to go right out of the box!
Very Nice pair of Louis Raphael pants, but check the measurements below!

Waist – Top of Pants 38
Hips – Around Bottom of Zipper 48
Rise – Crotch Seam to Top of Pants 12.5
Zipper to Top Of Pants 9.5
Inseam – Crotch Seam to Hem of Pants 31
Bottom of Pants – Length folded in half 9.5




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