What is a PING?

24 04 2007

There are a number of PING services available.  PING services basically announced to the world that you have made changes to your blog.  Its like COME AND GET MY NEW INFORMATION….service!

WordPress has an automatic ping, but I can’t be sure what places they PING to!  If you look to the sidebar I have a section named ping services.  I will add on more with time.

Ping services give information to search engines, and things may not happen right away but you will get noticed if you do this regularly!  I was told by the author of Emotional Abuse and Your Faith  that they use the ping services, and their major sources of hits now is google!  They have also mentioned our store and blog on their website.  That is called a link exchange.  They also support Focus Ministries, so we have something in common!

Keep in mind that Ping Services at times give you options of suppling JUST your homepage, or in addition your RSS feed!  For myself, I keep the store and the blog address and RSS feeds on a notepad file for easy retrival!  Just cut and paste – press enter – and I’m DONE!

Make sure you PING your blog!  If you have any other ping services to share please let us KNOW!


Pingomatic (used by wordpress)

Feedburner (Used by Emotional Abuse and Your Faith)

As I find more I will add them to the blogroll!

UPDATE:  I did find some more, and have added them to the section!!

UM & Company Floral Summer Dress w/ Tie – GORGEOUS! 7/8

UM Dress

UM & Company Floral Dress Size 7/8
Details and Condition:
100% Polyester

This UM dress is very GORGEOUS, and would be an awesome addition for this upcoming summer! Please see the pictures for closeups it has a tie in the back for a snug fit. Its is hard to measure due to the sheerness of the material.

Garment Laying down flat – Measurements are approx.

Armpit seam to hem 25 – 26″

Bust 36

Waist 31

Hips 34




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