Meta Description Tags

29 04 2007

I am going to start on the basics that I have found for Meta Descriptions tags first.  I will go into more detail later.  You have to understand the basics (at least for me!) first, before you learn how to use them!  I have to say this was MORE than confusing for me at first, but I have enjoyed learning about them in time!

Here is a video that speaks about META Description tags in a very general form.  It will help you understand some of the basics, and we will go on from there!

One thing I learned about posting youtube videos on wordpress is – what a pain in the BUTT first of all!  Then I found the help file – at least for me wasn’t all that helpful!  What I gathered from reading alot from others having the same issue is:

  • Look for your “CODE” section of your posting.  If you look up top where you are writing in your blog they have “visual” and “code” tabs. See the code part to include your video!
  • Another thing that wasn’t all that clearly mentioned was adding “youtube=” and then your link.  Of course the use of the [] also.
  •   You see this portion over to the right hand side of youtube video, OR next to all the videos that allow you to link to them.  You are concerned with the “URL” code.  Copy that first!
  • Go into the “CODE” section and type “[” then type “youtube=” then paste the link you copied.  Then end it with the opposite bracket “]” You are basically closing it in!
  • For me I have figured out DON’T look at the window you are typing in for the preview – look at the preview section below to make sure it worked!  LOL That is AFTER you ‘save and continue editing”.
  • I have also heard to clear your temp files to help it load.

Anyway – ON WITH THE SHOW!  Learn more about Meta Description tags…and we will drive more deeply later!

Lot 12 VHS Tapes Barney, Spot, Clifford and others!

Lot 12 VHS Tapes Barney, Spot, Clifford and others!

Barney, Clifford, Berenstain Bears, Spot, Richard Scarry, Baby Songs (12)

For Clifford:
Fun with Numbers – no Original Jacket
Fun with Letters with Jacket

For Barney:
Barney in Concert
Barney Best Manners (With Jacket)
Rock with Barney
A Splash Party, Please!

Baby Songs with Hap Palmer
Volume One
More Baby Songs (with Jacket)
Even More Baby Songs (with Jacket)

Spot Goes to School

The Berestain Bears and the TRUTH plus Save the Bees

Richard Scarry’s Best Busy People Plus Silly Stories and songs Video EVER!

The Jacket that came with it states: Best Learning Songs Ever!

My children enjoyed this tapes for years, but they have now informed me they are to “old” for them! I placed all the videos in our VCR, and they all do work. Some of the jackets are missed – noted above. If you have Preschool children they aren’t going to care about the covers just the stories!




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