10 Killer Ways to Increase your sales!

2 05 2007

Working at Home Mom (or Dads)

Had a really nice list you may wish to check out!  Some of the items don’t apply to me, but they may to you!  The article does give some common sense, down to earth suggestions that I truly feel people have forgotten about a LONG time ago!   One of the items I think people forget about is the “thank you note”!  You remember those?  Those darn things your mother forced you to write after Christmas to all the relatives thanking them for your presents!  LOL!  What Mom was trying to do is get you into a good habit for the future!  In business it is NO DIFFERENT!  People do appreciate being acknowledged!

These are cards that I use!  You see the die cuts for your business cards?  THOSE are awesome, and I have got alot of comments about them!  They are inexpensive, and you can even have your address printed on envelopes to match!

 What is amazing to me is the amount of people that NEVER do a followup!  Its another type of “THANK YOU” note! It shows you care, and believe me PEOPLE will remember!  How will they remember?  Think about it!  When you are excited about something that has awesome customer service you tend to remember them, and then TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

The article above really does have some great ideas to think about using!

House Shaped Realtor Employee Name badge Nametag Full Color

House Shaped Realtor Employee Name badge Nametag Full Color

This house shaped name badge in the shape of a House. These badges are approximately 3″ wide by 2″ high at the widest points. They can be printed as shown or an other color you choose. Please specify the color you would like in the comments area of the specific badge or for the entire order. The fonts used in this example are: Line 1; Brush Script, Line 2; Arial, Line 3 & 4; Gothic 725

This is Style 3

PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to purchase more than one badge at a time contact us directly because the system will charge you shipping per item, and not group the order together. We will invoice you directly (supply us with your zip code), and we will ship out the best way available.
Complete full color, photo quality nametag, namebadges. Use your design or ours!

The size is 2″ x 3″ Magnetic back is nice for blouses!

The price show is for pinback attachment.




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