Payment Options for Googlebase

7 05 2007

From what I have read about bulk uploads google will only show you as a google checkout vendor IF you do not include your URL to your store.  At least that is how I am reading it!  I have sent the googlebase help center another question regarding that.  It seems if your products are based on google products section, and they are NOT having to forward to your store online they will show you as a google checkout vendor.  THAT make no sense to me!  I wanted to clarify with them, and if there is something you can do about being noted a checkout vendor and NOT have to change how the bulk uploads are done!  WE shall SEE!  I will report back!  I got my information from an article in their googlebase help section for bulk uploads

UPDATE: I received a response from Googlebase, and it reads as the following:

In order to enable Google Checkout without integrating it with your site’s e-commerce system, you’ll have to use item pages hosted on Google Base instead; if you include “GoogleCheckout” as a payment_accepted option (as you have), we’ll include a Google Checkout “Buy” button on these item pages. As you noticed, for us to generate and host these item pages for you, you’ll have to leave the “link” attribute blank in your bulk upload.  Otherwise your listings will link directly to your own site, which may not be integrated with Google Checkout.

I had errors on the payment sections only during my first upload.  I guess I’m lucky from what I have read. 


“GoogleCheckout, Product is normally shipped out within 2 business days if not sooner AFTER payment has cleared! We will do combined shipping, and you can order different items as well. For orders of 2+ please contact us for a shipping quote!  Shipping costs are quoted based on one item.”


the problem sections I had!  The above is the FIXED and accepted versions!  Remember the Qty section that was noted in for them to accept the google checkout part! 

As I mentioned I am waiting for answers for the google checkout answers.  The shipping section blew my mind for some reason.  I don’t know WHY I had such a hard time figuring that one out!  For now google will only allow you to ship to the US.  so “US” is the reason that is there!  “UPS” is the service that is used, “7.o0” is the cost for one item to be shipped.  I used this because ecrater only allows us to use the shipping matrix, and if people want more than one I will safely be able to quote to their area!

Note how I worded “Google Checkout” also.  I copied and pasted their version directly on my excel spreadsheet to make sure I got it right!

I hope to have some answers soon!  Below is a speciality item I added recently.   I helped design this, and it was TO CUTE I thought!  It may not get to much traffic, but for those Red Hat Society Ladies……I hope they love it!

UPDATE: I had asked another question about the attributes in gogglebase for the bulk upload.  If they even USE them, or is that just for the ones hosted on their pages.  Below is my question, and their answer:

#2  You encourage people to use the custom attributes, and I can totally understand WHY this is!  Are those things used for the bulk upload, or am I wasting alot of time adding custom information to make it easier to people to find me?

As for custom attributes, our system does take them into account when matching your items to users’ queries. Also, any information you include in custom attributes will be visible on the item pages which we host, so it’s a good way to add information which wouldn’t otherwise fit into our defined attributes. However, if it’s possible to use a predefined attribute, we recommend that you do so rather than creating a redundant custom attribute.

I don’t know about you, but those leave me with MORE questions than answers!  I will try again with more details this time!

Red Hat Society Colored Nametag, Namebadge

Red Hat Society Colored Nametag, Namebadge

Complete full color, photo quality nametag, namebadges. Use your design or ours!

The size is 2″ x 3″ Magnetic back is nice for blouses!

The price show is for pinback attachment.




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