Helpful Hint to get increase web traffic to your site!

9 05 2007

I was talking to some people I know that build websites for their clients, and they mentioned something about submitting articles online as a way of getting traffic to your site.  I know WE write blogs don’t we?  We submit to ping services, etc right?  SURE that is something of course!  I’m talking submitting articles to directories online. 

It has to be something interesting, and NO it shouldn’t be about your business.  Something general you may know about.  I had completely forgotten about this type of thing, until my friend reminded me about an article I had written for a business newsletter years ago.  I have a small business, and I couldn’t afford the room or the expense of an employee but I really needed HELP!  I wrote an article about having a ‘virtual assistant’ that helped me grow my business.  I did plugs here and there talking about my services that I did, but for the most part I was talking about the growing pains of a small business needing an extra pair of hands!  I really wasn’t ready for the ’employee’ phrase due to all kinds of issues.  I found a lady that worked with me via the internet.  I used a chat window, had an online calendar, task lists, etc.  It was helpful because she could make follow up calls when I was gone, and follow up on purchase orders I had placed.  When I was out of the office I could forward my calls to her phone!  It was very much of an unknown type of situation, but I also knew I wasn’t the ONLY one in this boat!  The article was a success!  At the end of the article I plugged myself and my company of course!  It really generated some traffic for me as well!

Find yourself some of the free article directories, and SURE make sure you use this to place a link in here and there to your site.  Since this is your property the people that may use your articles are not to ‘change’ anything, and there you have it!  Instant LINK traffic to your site!  Pretty cool huh?

From what I have gathered from my reading the search engines send out their resources to crawl these sites much more often than they do other sources!  Not only do you get your articles indexed quicker, but with your link in there it may get your site crawled more often as well! 

OHHHH!  AND don’t forget to place a little piece at the end to talk about yourself, and your online ventures!

Helen is married with two children, and has been running an engraving business for over 13 years.  She has now decided to expand her knowledge online!  Watch her blog Nice Used Clothes For Charity  as she speaks of her hills and valleys of online selling for her store that helps a Ministry!

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One response

22 06 2007

There are tons of people out there that don’t understand the principles of writing and marketing their articles for added website exposure.
And so many of those writing articles today forget the importance of their resource box. Planning is so important.
Thanks for sharing your article, I enjoyed it.

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