How to use keywords to drive traffic to your site!

12 05 2007

Yes we are diving into keywords again!  It’s an important mission, and it seems an ever-changing one also!  She spoke of a keyword tool online, and helps you keep up with those online trends!  How about that!  We can be in fashion within the world of the Internet!  WOO HOO!
Well once again I must reference an article that I truly felt was well written, and she should be proud of herself for how down to earth her writing is!  I swear I go to some sites to read, and I feel like I’m back in college with that monotone voice and just PUTS you to sleep!  I had one professor I truly enjoyed, but I had to make sure I took afternoon classes for him!  LOL Make sure I was AWAKE enough to hear what he had to say!
She had an article in which she spoke about the program called wordtracker.  I have heard of this program, and I actually did visit the site.  I have to be honest I felt it may be a little over my head when I saw it.  The way she wrote this article I do think I can actually handle IT!  How about that!
You need to use keywords within your writings for the search engines to pick it up, and drive that traffic to your site!  YEP we have figured that out already haven’t we?  What this keyword program does is expand on that.  It tells you how often your keyword or keyword phrase is searched for at first.  Then expands a bit more after that as well!  It breaks it down in smaller pieces if you will!  WHY would this be important?  You can imagine how many people search for terms like cell phones, digital cameras, etc.  You also have a lot of competition if that is ALL you are planning on using as you keywords!  You may find that MORE people may be looking for articles on the ABC Brand of cell phones!  You need to find those keyword phrases that people are searching, and you need to find out WHICH may not be all that popular!  NOOOOO!  I’m not talking like 36 people that are looking for your keyword or keyword phrase!  The article recommends under 100,000 people.  My eyeballs just Wowed when she said that, but I guess it makes sense!
It also gives you a time frame in which these words for searched for.  One week the keyword ABC Brand of cell phone might be VERY popular!  As you know cell phones change a lot, and you need to keep up with that trend!
I made a comment for this article to her.  I asked her if you could use this method in your ad writing for your ecommerce stores!  I would imagine you could, but I tend to wonder if that may be a bit different!  Once the google train finally starts indexing your site, store, etc you never know though do you?

Presenting, “Wordtracking Why and How To”!

Full Color Nametag, Namebadge Custom Design

Full Color Nametag, Namebadge Custom Design

Complete full color, photo quality nametag, namebadges. Use your design or ours! I gave a couple of examples above in the pictures, and have others as well that are themed!

Large Rectangle is 2″ x 3″
Small Rectangle is 1.25″ x 3″
Oval is 1.5″ x 3″

The price show is for pinback attachment.




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