9 Ways to WRITE those “KILLER” Headlines!

13 05 2007

Blogging seems to be growing more competitive everyday, and one way you can truly help yourself is with KILLER HEADLINES!

I have to admit some people have this gift, and another thing I have to admit is I have my days when I do VERY well and others …. LOL…BOMB!  I have to say in the past one of the items I seem to come up with for my clients is a tag line for some of the products they seem to really LIKE!  I have to admit at times I do get carried away with the graphics!  I did a custom fly swatter once for a real estate agent.  I placed their logo, and contact information on there of course!  I also added the tag line, “Don’t let buying and selling your home BUG you!” and then placed little FLIES (graphics) all over the handle!  LOL It was cute, and was very successful for the client!  That helps with repeat orders doesn’t it?

I guess for me I have to TURN those taglines into HEADLINES!  I’m talking the title you use for your blog entries in case your lost here!  I don’t know about you, but at times some of the those dramatic headlines never got me to their sites!  MAKE 10,000 Dollars IN ONE WEEK!  LOL Yeah right!  You do need to dress it up a bit!  It kind of reminds of when you are standing in line at the grocery store, and see those headlines on those gossips rags!  I have to be honest I have never bought any of them, but they sure to entertain me when waiting in line!  At times I have picked them up and read on – LOL Only to put them back!  They are GREAT examples of KILLER headlines, but content??  Sorry but they pretty lost me there!  I’m sure they get the buyers JUST from the headlines at time!

I have been doing some reading online, and some things seem to keep popping up with speaking about this.  I will reference a very quick read at the end!

1)  “How To” insert your goal for the reader!  Don’t forget to mention a reason as to WHY the reader would wish to “HOW TO” is the catch!  Remember ‘self interest’ here okay!  Most people are searching for something to make their lifes more enjoyable!  Think about it!  Ever see an ad:  How to FEEL great while you LOSE weight!” Lose Weight…bleck….icky yucky part but necessary!  I can still feel great about that huh?  THEY get them, because you see that ad all the time!

2)  HOW I ads are good catches also!  Think about it – how many times have you see headlines that talk about RAGS to RICHES in one way or another right?  “How I made 10,000 in one week!” …LOL now I wouldn’t go to that ad, but you get the point!

3)  THE SECRET OF……everyone loves a good secret!  Everyone has experienced this at one time or another in their lifes!  Little shortcuts if you will to make things go along just a bit smoother than most people!  Why wouldn’t you want that right?

4)  QUICK WAY to do something!  Again those shortcuts could be it, or if you have something bigger AWESOME!  Your readers will LOVE IT!

5)  LIST POSTS are good as well!  Every seen those ads about 11 steps you can take towards success?  You have seen that or something similiar! 

6)  FUNNY headlines or sayings that you just heard that may not be so popular all over the world but they SPEAK for themselves!  Your article doesn’t have to be FUNNY, but your sarcasm or wit could draw them in!

7)  Remember your SEO in your headlines!  Get our your keyword tool and USE those terms in your headlines!  Those search engines will LOVE every minute of it!

8)  Remember your font styles!  At times when you right your headline with proper sentence structure you may not get the response you are looking for!  Remember CAPS at times, Itatics, COLOR…Remember you are looking for STANDING OUT here right?!

9)  Make sure the headline RELATES to the article!  Nothing is MORE annoying than clicking on that title, and the article has next to NOTHING to offer when it comes to content!  I mean we are looking for regular readers here right? OF COURSE!  Kind of reminds me of this SERIOUS ‘Garage Sale” sign my son BEGGED me to follow today, and we did but the person I guess ‘assumed’ we knew the neighborhood!  It must have been a couple of blocks over from their ‘entrance’ sign, because we never FOUND IT!  Pet peave of mine in both articles AND garage sales!  LOL!

Remember the reader is thinking about “What do you have to benefit ME!”  For myself, I have to learn to turn those taglines into something GOOD!

Successful Advertising: Using Headlines To Capture Attention

 Heart Moon Star Sheer Hippie Top with silk Tie Size S or Small

Heart Moon Star Sheer Hippie Top with silk Tie Size S

Heart Moon Star Sheer Hippie Top with silk Tie Size S

Type: Casual Size Type: Misses
Sleeve Length: 3/4 Sleeve Size: S
Condition: Gently Used

Heart Moon Star Hippie Top Size Small
Details and Condition:
100% Silk – Dry Clean

This Heart Moon Star Summer Top is very PRETTY, and would be an awesome addition for your summer wardrobe! It has the satin front and ties in back to extra fit. You will be the envy of all your friends wearing this one!

Garment Laying down flat – Measurements are approx.

Armpit seam to hem 14″

Bust 28 with extra some stretch

Bottom 36+ its FLARED




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