So you really want authority at Technorati? Then keep reading!

15 05 2007

If you have done enough reading you have read about this ‘authority’ factor over at Technorati…I’m sorry but don’t take the authority word to literally!  I’m sure there are some awesome blogs in the system that are TRUE authorities!  Don’t get me wrong!  Some in my opinion are just plain scammers of the system!

A couple of nights ago I read a short piece, and I’m sorry I can’t remember WHERE but the author cracked me up with his comments!  Lets say you have a blog and you only have 3 readers.  According to Technorati your authority is SQUAT!  How nice of them (they need to find another word!).  What if those three readers are WORLD leaders?  The leaders of three important countries, and they all come together to read your BLOG!  They all agree on some idea you came up with to save the world…..Now you are nobel peace prize winner for your blog!  I KNOW!  I know!  Extreme example here, but its not meant as literal!  Its meant as an example!  The whole authority thing to me ….  LOL … I’m sorry is a joke!

The popularity contest for the most LINKS doesn’t qualify in the real world as authority!  The ones that are the true winners are the ones that continue to get linked to without the “LINK TO ME AND I WILL LINK TO YOU!” junk!  Great tool to get noticed and HOPEFULLY get some people that stick around and keep linking and commenting?  Sure I suppose there is something there.  The fly by nights that do this junk will find in 6 months those links will be GONE off the Technorati radar screen!  You see they only keep links for 6 months from what I have read.  So unless you are a REAL authority I wouldn’t count on those scams working for you to long!  LOL!

Another blogger that giggled at ways of getting around the system was 100 ways to get into the top 100 technorati list.  It wasn’t one of those sales pitches, and the blogger was commenting on another way to scam the system to get on top!  It wasn’t an encourage you to do it kind of post EITHER!

I’m not saying to NOT encourage what people term as ‘link love’ here okay!  I’m saying be smart about it!  I’m sure you can help a friend rank themselves to the top, but showing real authority is staying there!  Don’t you think?  Content will still be key after those 6 months roll around, and that authority figure for some tends to drop while others maybe bounce around a bit!  Being a ONE HIT WONDER isn’t what you are after!

If you think about it if you get the community you are after the authority rating in some ways will be less and less important!  The ones that stick around will be the true ones that continue to help your bottom line – among other things!  Link love will always be important in the internet world, but what you are after is the legitmate links and comments!  Being a one hit wonder could blown up in your face!  You aren’t just looking for people to pay your current tax bill (among other things) you are looking for continued revenue to pay for things in the future!  Links are awesome, but content is still KING!

Ruby Gloom Goth Rocker Spider Juniors Womens T Shirt Tank Top

Ruby Gloom Goth Rocker Spider Juniors Womens Tank Top

Ruby Gloom Goth Rocker Spider Juniors Womens Tank Top

Type: Casual Size Type: Juniors
Sleeve Length: Tank, Sleeveless Size: M
Condition: Gently Used

Black and Red Spider Tank
Details and Condition:
There is no care label, but it seems like Cotton/Poly mix

If you look at the details shots (in store) you will see the red and gray spiders going up the right hand side of the top. This top is in NICE shape! Please check out measurements below, because there is no size listed. Seems like Small to Medium.

Garment Laying down flat – Measurements are approx.

Armpit seam to hem 12″

Bust 16

bottom 18″

straps 17.5″ (seam to seam), .5 width




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