Tons of hits in 30 days!

16 05 2007

You get 5 tips to try, and watch the traffic flow!

 5 tips to 600000 hits in three weeks

One of his tips I use for my offline business, and that is keep a pen and paper handy at ALL TIMES!  You just never know when that next brain storm is coming, and while it is fresh in your mind……WRITE IT DOWN!  I have learned you don’t even have to be all that detailed to get those creative juices flowing once you have some breathing space to think!  I guess I have been using my OWN keywords for years!  LOL!  The article suggests to do this for your own content for blog or site – which is VERY good advice!  I have found even new business ideas that seem so simple, but yet go right out of your head…..unless you write it down!  GOOD practice!

From what you have read here, and I’m sure other places is NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK!

Since the free version of wordpress doesn’t allow advertising, adsense, etc I guess I can’t comment to much on that stuff! 

One important comment because my kids need this  Nintendo DS Lite, and MOM (more importantly) needs her sanity at times!  YES I have to add the post dripping with sarcasm and pure manipulation!  LOL!  Seriously visit the blog and give it a some link love!  You will LOVE the content!

 Why? (see below)

Bob over at is giving away a free Nintendo DS Lite with a few games because it’s his birthday in May. While you’re there, check out some great posts about generating traffic and getting more rss subscribers. And don’t forget to wish him a happy birthday!  He is turning 30!  What an awesome age!  We will have to see what he offers up for the next landmark……40! 

 He is also offering you some great opportunities to become active in his forum about blogging!  Not only can you gain some knowledge, have fun, but you also following what the offline world calls NETWORKING!  LOL the online word…I might need the geek squad to help me that networking part!  Follow the fun and education at Bob Meets World Forums!

Now for some HUMOR! We all need that! ATTACK OF THE TURTLE!

 Cheerleader Cheerleading Shield Award Resin Trophy Gift Pewter with Gold Accents

Cheerleader Cheerleading Shield Award Resin Trophy Gift Pewter with Gold Accents

Cheerleader Cheerleading Shield Legend can hang on wall, or use the desk stand – see picture
These are approx 8.5” x 8”, and we will send you engraved plate

The highly detailed sports figures are handsomely framed in a shield shaped pewter and gold plaque with a colored sport icon at the top of the shield. Something new besides the traditional awards we may have received in the past. I always get comments of PRAISE from these types of products!

You have a group that you need to buy for? NO PROBLEM…we can do groups for you as well! Please let us know the number you need, and we will arrange to get your what you would like for your engraving.

Product is normally shipped out within 2 business days if not sooner AFTER payment has cleared!

We will do combined shipping, and you can order different items as well. For orders of 2+ please contact us for a shipping quote!




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