Ways to gain some exposure! Just what your website needs…

17 05 2007

Networking is what it is called on the offline world, but socializing (is one word for it) I guess is what is it called ONLINE!  When you write content for your ads or for your store, etc you have to be business like.  You have to make sure this attracts those unknown people that are surfing along, and plugging in those phrases in the search engines.  ATTRACT that website attention with all your might!

Forums are a good place to start, learn and contribute!  Its also a place you get let your hair down a bit!!  Myself, personally I like to have a mix of people when I go to a board to learn and to add my own comments from expereince.  Grab some forums and get involved!  I know from my chamber experience there are those that join, and then do NOTHING!  They expect the business to start just rolling in because they paid their dues.   Its funny how you hear how people just don’t have time to get involved!  Chambers hands you plenty of fun things to help out with, and during that time you again NETWORK!  I’m not sure what these people think will be asked of them, but it sure isn’t blood for goodness sakes!  I have children, home and a business offline and I still find time to make sure things that are important are accomplished!  At times YES I’m burning the candle at both ends, but you have to look at what the reward is at the end!  I just love those that think if they place an ad, or join a club, and they just sit back and WAIT for the dollars to roll in!  Let me tell you something……for the most part it AIN’T going to happen!  That is just part of the mix!  There is WORK involved, but you can still have FUN!  Find some forums, and have FUN with it……and NETWORK!

Make sure you have business cards for your online business!  Make you you promote it offline as well as ONLINE!  If it is just a blog – NO PROBLEM!  You can’t tell me others aren’t interested in your subject matter right?  Business cards are harder to lose than just, “Here let me write down the blog address for you!”  Besides that you want a presense right?  A small investment in business cards, or business card magnets can really help you out!  Alot of my clients love PENS, and yes they do have their place!  As a primary promotional tool?  I guess that would depend on the type of pen!  The cheap ones?  They get thrown in drawer with the rest of the pens….GREAT for you advertising dollars huh?  Postem notes are good as well!  Think about it!  Not only is your name in front of people, but when they use those notes – your name travels!  If you make your money off the ads, or whatever you still want to get people to the site right?  Promoting it can be inexpensive as far as business cards, etc but let me tell you – they do pay OFF!

You ever go to a store and they have those bulletin boards where the local painters, contractors, babysitters post there stuff?  With you with your PROMOTIONAL mind you CAN come up with something to build more traffic to your site!  How about all those ads “Make Money Online” if that is your gift to show to people!  Awesome gift baskets for any occasion!  Even mention your expertise about adsense!  The traffic isn’t JUST on the internet!    Let your creative juices FLOW!  Pings, submit to search engines, forums, commenting on others sites, etc – those are ALL awesome ideas!  Don’t forget about your offline world!  That is ALL I’m saying! 

 Here is another article about getting involved, and how it helped!  

Can you develop your blog with MyBlogLog?  Don’t forget you may not fit in all places, but the internet is endless!  Find places you do, and get to the networking!  It will do you good!

4 Color Business Card Magnets On Special NOW! Qty 500!

Free 4 Color Process
Free Setup
No Artwork Charges
Free Copy Changes


20 Mil is the Thickness and the size is 2” x 3.5” Quanity is 500. Cheap price for every shipment, sales order, etc that goes out! Magnets stick around also!

Price includes a 4 color process imprint on a white surface. The process allows you to print as many different colors as you want for one price. All PMS Colors will be converted to the closest process match. A perfect match cannot be guaranteed.

We will help as much as possible with your artwork. We will also send you one FREE proof right before production! This will be supplied online.

We so have some stock backgrounds if you prefer to use that. I have added some examples to the gallery above. Send me a note with your theme, or idea of what you might use to use and I will send back some examples. I will also do general typesetting for you.

Full Bleeds are available and your text should remain within 1 7/8” x 3/8”

Typically after artwork is finally approved and submitted production time is about 5 working days, and we have found that our customers typically get their product within 2 days after shipping.

If you prefer a thicker magnet 30 mil is also available at .22 per magnet instead of .19.

Below is for people that prefer to do their own artwork.

The highest quality art is VECTOR ART. It is resolution independent . This means that it can be enlarged without affecting the quality of your imprint.

RASTER ART (Placed/continuous tone images)
Raster Art is resolution dependent. When you change the size of an imprint, you change the quality. This means that the resolution (dpi or ppi) of your file is critical. Files must be at least 600dpi. Grayscale and Bitmaps must be 1200 dpi at 100% of final size. Do not submit files w/linked images. Please mebed all graphics.

Convert your text into “curves” or “outlines” before e-mailing your art.

We can add text to your imprint at no additional charge. We have a variety of popular fonts, just pick your favorite from the list on above. Then send a typewritten version of the text, and specify typeface, point sizes and case.

Artwork Standards
In order to give you the highest quality imprint, we have developed some artwork guidelines, which include minimum line weights. All copy should be 6 points or larger. Lines should be no thinner than .5 pt. We will redraw halftones and screens, filling them in or outlining them, and reset copy when necessary. BIC reserves the right to modify your art if it does not meet these quality standards.

We do have templates, and details instructions also…..just ask!




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