Make Money Online By Taking someone’s PAYCHECK! (legally of course!)

18 05 2007

Courtney Tuttle has a very user friendly, and VERY entertaining website!  Have you checked it out yet?  I mentioned earlier online about his article: Making Money Online is this business for you?

 He started this blog fairly recently, and mentioned the amount of money he brought in last month in a post.  He is now running a contest!  Make Money Online $350 is a link to the rules of the contest!  Basically you have to take a gamble as to how much money he will make this month within $1.00 and comply with the rules of Make Money Online $375.  You must place a dollar amount as I have for Make Money Online $400.  Rules of the contest are here MAKE MONEY ONLINE!

Go have some fun, join the contest and make sure you read the blog of course!  You will enjoy it! 

I have to share this also!  My son’s FUNNIEST VIDEO OF THE WEEK………well at least for him!  I have to admit I did enjoy watching it……….the FIRST time!  LOL! 




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