MSN Product Upload Issues that I see – What about you?

20 05 2007

I got an email from MSN recently reminding me that there had not no activity on my account that I had signed up for.  To be perfectly honest I was a bit overwhelmed, and had MORE questions than answers when it came to their help section.  I also found that Ecrater stores are automatically being taken care of by the admins of that site!  PRETTY AWESOME HUH?  The problem I ran into was the images!  If you do any reading at all it seems to be a pretty good bottleneck for them.  Here is a quote I found on their site:

 Why aren’t there 100% images in the top results? The reason is largely because many sites, including very reputable merchants like,, and, block image crawling bots or seriously throttle them. We will have to work with these sites to address these issues, but the latest improvements in the number of Product Search top results with images are already quite significant.

So according to them everyone’s images are NOT capable with their system.  You don’t have issues other places, but with them you do.  I would think MSN would fix things on their end instead of asking others to change their system that seems to work other places.

 Anyway, they also mentioned in the email that they are now taking googlebase uploads.  I figured I would give them a shot, because of the images being missing on the products that ecrater sent over to them.  I have different categories like men, ladies, children, books, trophy, etc so I couldn’t place a category in there for them.  Category is in the data feed itself, so i wondered WHY they asked for it!  Maybe they want us to break it up – I’m not sure.  I did submit the googlebase file to them on Friday.  Today is Sunday and they are STILL processing it!  The screen says 36 hours, but my file is rather small compared to some.  I really wonder WHY it would take that long as well.

If they want new files to come to them, and it is going to take 36 hours for them to process it I plan on breaking my list up and giving it to them in sections.  Everyday or so I will supply them with a new list.  THAT IS if the picture issue is taken care of! 

If you have been reading for a while I sent googlebase a question about their google checkout.  According to the last email I receive from them if you set up a datafeed (bulk upload), and your items when clicked automatically send people to your store you can’t be counted as a company that offers google checkout.  Only the items you place on googlebase manually would be allowed that.  I know for a fact that isn’t TRUE!  I questioned them with links to examples, and of course no response.  I’m going to send it again!

Back to subject – will MSN take care of the image issue?  I sure hope so!  I will see if my image issue is taken care of once they are done ‘processing’ my feed.  Bleck!  36 hours is way to long! Another major bottleneck in my eyes!

I found a rather humorous thread last night, and wanted to share! How little rednecks become big rednecks!   I still was giggling this morning after reading it again!

 Levis Action Mens Jeans 40 x 32 USA Red Tag

Levis action jeans

Levis Action Mens Jeans 40 x 32 USA Red Tag

These Mens Levi Action Jeans are used, but have alot of wear left in them!

These measurements are taken when the Mens Levi Action Jeans laying down!

Waist approx 39″

Hips (from bottom of zipper) 42″

Rise (crotch seam to top of pants) 13″

From Zipper to top of pants 10″

Inseam is 26″

Bottom of pants seam to seam 9″

Label reads: 50% cotton/50% trevira esp polyester

These Mens Levi Action Jeans are in Excellent condition. There are no stains, holes, fraying. There is some slight fading, and it has the red tag.



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21 05 2007

lol thanks for linking to my post! As for MSN- I’ve never dealt with them in regards to uploading images for a store, so no answers for you there. Is there any way you could have a backup host where people could be redirected to a mirrored site?

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