The Destructive Secret

3 07 2007

Another website I recommended in the past has a sermon called, “The Destructive Secret” and the secret is Domestic Violence or Abuse.  Pastor Lutzer of the Moody Bible church gave this sermon a year or so ago.  I guess you could say he ‘gets it’.  There are alot of churches out there that clearly don’t, and hands the victim additional burdens to carry instead of fellowship and truth that is much needed.

 Emotional Abuse and Your Faith Presents, “The Destructive Secret” audio sermon, and its about 45 minutes long.  I was very impressed!

 The sermon was uploaded and purchase to Archive if your would like to see the other options to, “The Destructive Secret”.

Jesus Heals Abuse  is a board online for abuse victims of faith, and gender isn’t an issue there.

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