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My journey to build a store for a faith based domestic abuse agency.  Their name is Focus Ministry.  Please note they are not affliated with Focus on the Family.

 I have been a offline business owner for over 13 years,  and have been successful at it.   I have worked with community projects,  been an officer for business organizations, and helped launch and run successful events.

I wanted to help a ministry online, and since my degree was Information systems I know I won’t be totally out of my realm!  Focus Ministries has impressed me, and their area of ministry can be a very scarey subject for anyone.  Domestic Abuse is not a gender issue, but a very serious one that I feel fear of the subject overall is the biggest bottleneck to overcome.  Christians I have found have an extra bottleneck which is also based in fear, and most tend to add the burden of issues onto the victim and family members.

Watch my hills, valleys, learning curves and victories while growing an online store and internet presence!  When I’m unsure of something I will be honest about it!  From a business prospective if something seems to make sense I will point that out as well!  I welcome people to CLUE me in when you feel I’m wrong, and I always look forward to opinions, prospectives and ways to help those in need!

I’m not working for Focus Ministries, and I can’t offer you tax write offs from purchases.  They are aware of my presence here, and they also have some awesome resources at your disposal for individual needs, group or church.  Please see their website for some awesome articles, resources and training options.

Besides a personal budget to help them I wanted to mention that we will be making monthly donations to them after we pay the costs of the items purchased.  NO we aren’t adding in HUGE adminstrative fees and such we have heard of from others.  Our goal is to help families in need, and make sure staff and costs are taken care of. 

I will not give the world’s view of ‘holy rollers’ here!  LOL!  Boy some of the stories I have heard!  I do sincerely wish to help an organization that help so many others.  A place that some are afraid to attend their events because the subject matter is to ‘outside the box’ for them.  If you don’t wish to help with the by purchasing please consider a donation.  Their website information is on my main page – right side – towards the TOP! 


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