Find your NICHE on the internet!

17 07 2007

I read a lesson today on NICHE marketing basically on the internet!  Lets take my industry – Engraving.  Lets just say the chance of me getting to the top 10 on the internet JUST because of Trophies isn’t very likely!  I mean engravers or trophy house are plentiful aren’t they?  I can’t say that I’m someone in the middle of quality, because I don’t think I am!  We do a good job, but how many times are people willing to go do page 30 of the internet to find me?  People on the internet AREN’T very patience!  I know I’m not either at times!  LOL!  Its the same thing when you hear about people that sell baskets, children’s clothing, jewelry for example! 

I decided I was going to take this free SEO course that I found online.  SEO Training by GNC Web Creations is the name of it, and its all yahoo group based.  It has lessons that you do to learn.  I may not be able to apply EVERYTHING to my free website, but it will give me a good idea of what I need when purchase of webspace comes into the picture!

As you can guess the lesson today was about finding your NICHE!  One of the teacher’s examples was she does web design, and made a point of letting every one know just HOW MANY web designers there are!  She targets (for one thing) motorcyles websites!

She mentions that every page within your website is a door to people.  My example may not be as DYNAMIC, but I will give a try!  One page on my site may be dedicated to SOCCER TROPHIES, and another page BASEBALL TROPHIES.  If I have one page with all themes one page chances are good no one is going to stick around searching pass the cheerleader trophy, science club trophy, football trophy to get their SOCCER trophy!  She hasn’t said it yet, but I would assume you are to optimatize each page per theme!  It doesn’t matter if your customer comes to your site on page 2000 if that is where their product is!

Does this mean you leave out all those OTHER products that you sell?  Nope!  Just focus on the ‘special’ or ‘niche’ trophy in my case!  It may not even be TROPHIES for me.  I will have to see!

She had a good article on her site!

A Million Dollars   Check it out!

Baseball Flame Spinning Resin Figure Trophy Award or Gift

Soccer Trophy

Baseball Flame Spinning Colored Sports Resins Award. This trophy or gift will be well received by your recipient! They come in specially designed boxes!

With this charming design you have the weight of resin material, and comes with a ball that spins. Something new besides the traditional awards we may have received in the past. Get noticed by giving something different, and exciting!

They are approx 8″ tall, and accept 7/8″x 3 1/2″ plate approx.
Part Number JDS302
We will send your engraved plates separately!


How to Get Your Blog Noticed Quickly and Widely

10 07 2007

Below is an article I found that I felt was VERY useful! 

How to Get Your Blog Noticed Quickly and Widely
By Gregory White

1. Submit your blog to all of the directories listed on Pingomatic will ping 15 services all at once.

2. Ping your blog after every post at

3. Here’s a real gem: Submit your blog to Pingoat will ping over fifty blog ping services all at once. So you don’t have to hunt for ping services and manually ping them. Pingoat pings over fifty blog ping servers (growing) with just one click.

4. Ping your blog after every post at Pingoat at

5. Sign up for a free account at and register your blog there:

6. Submit your blog to all of the directores listed at

7. Sign up for a “My Yahoo” at and attach your blog to your own “My Yahoo” account. This will get your blog included in Yahoo very quickly. This is worth the effort to stop what you’re doing right and do it, since Yahoo has a PR 9.

8. Use this code: “” in your blog to allow others to put your feed on their own “My Yahoo” account.

9. Sign up for a “My MSN” at, and attach your blog to your own “My MSN” account. This will get your blog included in MSN very quickly. This is also invaluable because MSN has a PR 8.

10. Use this code: “ rss&ut=” in your blog to allow others to put your feed on their own “My MSN” account.

11. Place the link and description of your blog in your signature, so that any posts to Forums, Outgoing Emails, Autoresponder Courses, etc, will promote your blog.

12. Post a link and description of your blog on each of your sites.

13. Place your blog on all the major search engines. will submit your blog free to the top 14 Search engines here: will submit your blog free to the top 20 Search engines here:

14. Use Article Directories as a resource for articles to post on your blog. Here are a few:

15. Locate blogs with a lot of traffic and place useful comments in their comment box. Be sure the blog and your comments are relavent to both your blog and theirs. Senseless posts won’t help you, they’ll hurt you.

16. Once you get around 5 to 10 posts on your blog, start a PR campaign and announce it to all relevant channels.

17. Make a blog post as often as possible. More than once a day is not really necessary. Remember, if you can’t write that much, go to step # 14.

Greg White, Internet Marketer, Author, Consultant and Project Manager has been running successful web projects since 2001. His sites and blogs cover Blog Marketing Tactics, Internet Marketing Tactics and a variety of ‘Niche’ topics, in addition to starting and marketing profitable web project.

Article Source:

Soccer ball Lighted Resin with High Gloss Wooden Base
lighted soccerball lamp
Soccer ball Lighted Sports Lamp. This trophy or gift will be well received by your recipient! They come in specially designed boxes!With this charming design that includes “AA” battery. It has an on/off switch on the bottom of the wooden base. The base is a high gloss finish. Use it as a trophy or a gift for that someone special!They are overall 4.5″ in height, and the engraved plate is 1″ x 3 3/8″ in size.
Part Number LTR102
We will send your engraved plates separately!

The Destructive Secret

3 07 2007

Another website I recommended in the past has a sermon called, “The Destructive Secret” and the secret is Domestic Violence or Abuse.  Pastor Lutzer of the Moody Bible church gave this sermon a year or so ago.  I guess you could say he ‘gets it’.  There are alot of churches out there that clearly don’t, and hands the victim additional burdens to carry instead of fellowship and truth that is much needed.

 Emotional Abuse and Your Faith Presents, “The Destructive Secret” audio sermon, and its about 45 minutes long.  I was very impressed!

 The sermon was uploaded and purchase to Archive if your would like to see the other options to, “The Destructive Secret”.

Jesus Heals Abuse  is a board online for abuse victims of faith, and gender isn’t an issue there.

Female Volleyball Bobblehead Trophy, Award or Gift
Female Volleyball Bobblehead Trophy
Female Volleyball Bobblehead Trophy Award or Gift is about 6″ (6 Inches) tall, and comes with a star on its base! Colorful and detailed and will be a hit with your next award or trophy event.The Volleyball female Trophy is Part Number RBH-546 and we will send you an engraved plate. The trophy is individually packed, and will be shipped directly to you!With this fun design will be appreciated for years to come! Grab something new besides the traditional awards you may have received in the past.Prices are low enough for Resale – Engraved plate included!

Make Money Online By Taking someone’s PAYCHECK! (legally of course!)

18 05 2007

Courtney Tuttle has a very user friendly, and VERY entertaining website!  Have you checked it out yet?  I mentioned earlier online about his article: Making Money Online is this business for you?

 He started this blog fairly recently, and mentioned the amount of money he brought in last month in a post.  He is now running a contest!  Make Money Online $350 is a link to the rules of the contest!  Basically you have to take a gamble as to how much money he will make this month within $1.00 and comply with the rules of Make Money Online $375.  You must place a dollar amount as I have for Make Money Online $400.  Rules of the contest are here MAKE MONEY ONLINE!

Go have some fun, join the contest and make sure you read the blog of course!  You will enjoy it! 

I have to share this also!  My son’s FUNNIEST VIDEO OF THE WEEK………well at least for him!  I have to admit I did enjoy watching it……….the FIRST time!  LOL! 

Tons of hits in 30 days!

16 05 2007

You get 5 tips to try, and watch the traffic flow!

 5 tips to 600000 hits in three weeks

One of his tips I use for my offline business, and that is keep a pen and paper handy at ALL TIMES!  You just never know when that next brain storm is coming, and while it is fresh in your mind……WRITE IT DOWN!  I have learned you don’t even have to be all that detailed to get those creative juices flowing once you have some breathing space to think!  I guess I have been using my OWN keywords for years!  LOL!  The article suggests to do this for your own content for blog or site – which is VERY good advice!  I have found even new business ideas that seem so simple, but yet go right out of your head…..unless you write it down!  GOOD practice!

From what you have read here, and I’m sure other places is NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK!

Since the free version of wordpress doesn’t allow advertising, adsense, etc I guess I can’t comment to much on that stuff! 

One important comment because my kids need this  Nintendo DS Lite, and MOM (more importantly) needs her sanity at times!  YES I have to add the post dripping with sarcasm and pure manipulation!  LOL!  Seriously visit the blog and give it a some link love!  You will LOVE the content!

 Why? (see below)

Bob over at is giving away a free Nintendo DS Lite with a few games because it’s his birthday in May. While you’re there, check out some great posts about generating traffic and getting more rss subscribers. And don’t forget to wish him a happy birthday!  He is turning 30!  What an awesome age!  We will have to see what he offers up for the next landmark……40! 

 He is also offering you some great opportunities to become active in his forum about blogging!  Not only can you gain some knowledge, have fun, but you also following what the offline world calls NETWORKING!  LOL the online word…I might need the geek squad to help me that networking part!  Follow the fun and education at Bob Meets World Forums!

Now for some HUMOR! We all need that! ATTACK OF THE TURTLE!

 Cheerleader Cheerleading Shield Award Resin Trophy Gift Pewter with Gold Accents

Cheerleader Cheerleading Shield Award Resin Trophy Gift Pewter with Gold Accents

Cheerleader Cheerleading Shield Legend can hang on wall, or use the desk stand – see picture
These are approx 8.5” x 8”, and we will send you engraved plate

The highly detailed sports figures are handsomely framed in a shield shaped pewter and gold plaque with a colored sport icon at the top of the shield. Something new besides the traditional awards we may have received in the past. I always get comments of PRAISE from these types of products!

You have a group that you need to buy for? NO PROBLEM…we can do groups for you as well! Please let us know the number you need, and we will arrange to get your what you would like for your engraving.

Product is normally shipped out within 2 business days if not sooner AFTER payment has cleared!

We will do combined shipping, and you can order different items as well. For orders of 2+ please contact us for a shipping quote!

How to use keywords to drive traffic to your site!

12 05 2007

Yes we are diving into keywords again!  It’s an important mission, and it seems an ever-changing one also!  She spoke of a keyword tool online, and helps you keep up with those online trends!  How about that!  We can be in fashion within the world of the Internet!  WOO HOO!
Well once again I must reference an article that I truly felt was well written, and she should be proud of herself for how down to earth her writing is!  I swear I go to some sites to read, and I feel like I’m back in college with that monotone voice and just PUTS you to sleep!  I had one professor I truly enjoyed, but I had to make sure I took afternoon classes for him!  LOL Make sure I was AWAKE enough to hear what he had to say!
She had an article in which she spoke about the program called wordtracker.  I have heard of this program, and I actually did visit the site.  I have to be honest I felt it may be a little over my head when I saw it.  The way she wrote this article I do think I can actually handle IT!  How about that!
You need to use keywords within your writings for the search engines to pick it up, and drive that traffic to your site!  YEP we have figured that out already haven’t we?  What this keyword program does is expand on that.  It tells you how often your keyword or keyword phrase is searched for at first.  Then expands a bit more after that as well!  It breaks it down in smaller pieces if you will!  WHY would this be important?  You can imagine how many people search for terms like cell phones, digital cameras, etc.  You also have a lot of competition if that is ALL you are planning on using as you keywords!  You may find that MORE people may be looking for articles on the ABC Brand of cell phones!  You need to find those keyword phrases that people are searching, and you need to find out WHICH may not be all that popular!  NOOOOO!  I’m not talking like 36 people that are looking for your keyword or keyword phrase!  The article recommends under 100,000 people.  My eyeballs just Wowed when she said that, but I guess it makes sense!
It also gives you a time frame in which these words for searched for.  One week the keyword ABC Brand of cell phone might be VERY popular!  As you know cell phones change a lot, and you need to keep up with that trend!
I made a comment for this article to her.  I asked her if you could use this method in your ad writing for your ecommerce stores!  I would imagine you could, but I tend to wonder if that may be a bit different!  Once the google train finally starts indexing your site, store, etc you never know though do you?

Presenting, “Wordtracking Why and How To”!

Full Color Nametag, Namebadge Custom Design

Full Color Nametag, Namebadge Custom Design

Complete full color, photo quality nametag, namebadges. Use your design or ours! I gave a couple of examples above in the pictures, and have others as well that are themed!

Large Rectangle is 2″ x 3″
Small Rectangle is 1.25″ x 3″
Oval is 1.5″ x 3″

The price show is for pinback attachment.