Change in Googlebase Shipping Attribute

11 07 2007

I had been adding things to my datafeed, and reading the googlebase section for new information.  I guess I didn’t read it enough, because all of a sudden I got errors in my feed.  It was my shipping section.  I never had issues before, but now all of a sudden – WHAM!  I just couldn’t figure it out!  The wording on the error stated basically they are no longer supporting it, and that makes NO SENSE!

I went to the help section, and read other messages from people having the same issue.  One poster got a message back from googlebase that stated to add the shipping charge within the price of the product.  I’m sorry but that is insane if you want to look competitive, or what about if you have TONS products already live?  I wrote them myself and got some generic answer about “Check the help section”.  I wrote back a second time and FIRMLY asked them if they got rid of this attribute!  I finally got my answer!

Thank you for your email. Currently, we are unable to support the  shipping attribute. Please know that this was a recent change and we are very  sorry for any inconvenience it has caused you. Our engineers are working on a
resolution for the future, however, at this time, the shipping attribute will not function as normal. To resolve the errors in your file, please remove the attribute, and then upload your file again.
Google Base is a beta product, which means that it is constantly changing and developing. As a work around, please include your shipping  information under the description attribute.Again, I am very sorry for the trouble. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.Sincerely,
The Google Team

At first I was upset!  Then I thought about the datafeeds, and figured WELL it my listings take people directly to my site!  They will see the shipping there anyway!  What about the individual items you have live?  It sounds like you have to change ALL of your listings to accomodate this now.

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MSN Product Upload Issues that I see – What about you?

20 05 2007

I got an email from MSN recently reminding me that there had not no activity on my account that I had signed up for.  To be perfectly honest I was a bit overwhelmed, and had MORE questions than answers when it came to their help section.  I also found that Ecrater stores are automatically being taken care of by the admins of that site!  PRETTY AWESOME HUH?  The problem I ran into was the images!  If you do any reading at all it seems to be a pretty good bottleneck for them.  Here is a quote I found on their site:

 Why aren’t there 100% images in the top results? The reason is largely because many sites, including very reputable merchants like,, and, block image crawling bots or seriously throttle them. We will have to work with these sites to address these issues, but the latest improvements in the number of Product Search top results with images are already quite significant.

So according to them everyone’s images are NOT capable with their system.  You don’t have issues other places, but with them you do.  I would think MSN would fix things on their end instead of asking others to change their system that seems to work other places.

 Anyway, they also mentioned in the email that they are now taking googlebase uploads.  I figured I would give them a shot, because of the images being missing on the products that ecrater sent over to them.  I have different categories like men, ladies, children, books, trophy, etc so I couldn’t place a category in there for them.  Category is in the data feed itself, so i wondered WHY they asked for it!  Maybe they want us to break it up – I’m not sure.  I did submit the googlebase file to them on Friday.  Today is Sunday and they are STILL processing it!  The screen says 36 hours, but my file is rather small compared to some.  I really wonder WHY it would take that long as well.

If they want new files to come to them, and it is going to take 36 hours for them to process it I plan on breaking my list up and giving it to them in sections.  Everyday or so I will supply them with a new list.  THAT IS if the picture issue is taken care of! 

If you have been reading for a while I sent googlebase a question about their google checkout.  According to the last email I receive from them if you set up a datafeed (bulk upload), and your items when clicked automatically send people to your store you can’t be counted as a company that offers google checkout.  Only the items you place on googlebase manually would be allowed that.  I know for a fact that isn’t TRUE!  I questioned them with links to examples, and of course no response.  I’m going to send it again!

Back to subject – will MSN take care of the image issue?  I sure hope so!  I will see if my image issue is taken care of once they are done ‘processing’ my feed.  Bleck!  36 hours is way to long! Another major bottleneck in my eyes!

I found a rather humorous thread last night, and wanted to share! How little rednecks become big rednecks!   I still was giggling this morning after reading it again!

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Googlebase Bulk Upload Experience!

5 05 2007

Well!  I read and read about googlebase for the last couple of days.  I decided – okay!  I will take 10 of my trophy items that I sell that I think are rather hot items (lol hint hint!), and place them on the bulk upload and see what happens! 

From the reading I have done so far the MORE custom attributes you use the better chance of someone hitting your item!  Remember they do actually have to deal with your item.  You place something up, and just use tricks to get to a product and google will ZING you!  My question would be do the attributes do anything for the bulk upload?  I sent in a question to the googlebase staff for answers to that question!  The reason I questioned this was I found when you do the bulk upload, and your items are listed – do a search!  You will find them, and when you click on them – ZOOOOOOOOM right to your webpage!

I looked at the ‘required‘ attributes, and some of the suggested ones.  If you look at the list of required attributes not EVERYONE can use all of them!  So if you are a newbie like myself – what the heck do you do?  Lets take the UPC code for example!  The supplier I use for supplies doesn’t have UPC codes in little bags of parts that I receive to place the items together before shipping.  LOL!  If you have the UPC code – USE IT!  Another one is IPSN number, MPN (Manufacturers part number).  Lets say you sell a custom product like myself, and you have NONE of those…what the heck do you do?  Well according to a sample data feed I saw from you use a Unique Internal Code.  What is that?  Its a product code that you use for your product!  You made it up in your head – it looks good…….KIDDING!  Find something for your own system of your own business, and give it a part number!  One of these numbers are a requirement!  If you can’t supply one because you don’t have it – make your own!

Singlefeed has a blog that explains what ‘data feeds’ are, and here on this singlefeed page if you scroll down they will show you an example of a good data feed.  I have not used this company, nor have I heard much about them.  They do have some good information on their blog.  I remember someone on a board on ecrater mentioning that they asked for to much personal information during sign-up for their comfort.  Remember that is personal preference – you check it out if you want to!  Anyway, it gave great examples of how to lay it out, and definitions of what the attributes are! 

It was a long process getting this up, and I have to wonder if it is worth it for me!  They say if you don’t have to time to do all the products at first try 20 products, and then do another 20 etc.  From what I have heard your items don’t go live right away either – even if the screen says so!  At times it may take hours or days there doesn’t seem to be a system to it!  TIME for things to happen – how frustrating for a newbie!

A few things I did notice is when you are setting up your attributes heading section if you wish to use more than one word you use “_” instead of a space.  I’m talking within your title headings like:  payment_checkout for example.  For the item description itself you don’t have to do that.

Since google now has their own payment program much like paypal there is a trick it seems to mention your paypal option.  I missed the part of my reading on the singlefeed portion about WHERE to mention ‘other’ types of payment plans!  According to singlefeed you MUST have a quantity option available to use the google checkout, and the mention of the google checkout must be under “payment notes”.  If you have unlimited supply they recommend just using 99 for now.  I guess that is up to YOU as the person doing this!  You just need to be sure you can actually get your hands on the product if a large Qty came in!  Believe or not payment type is NOT the field you use for google checkout!  You use that for your other options!  I already have an error on that, and fixed it (hopefully) and soon the file I saved will be good for future use!  I saved my excel file as a normal excel file, and then ‘saved as’ the delimiter they asked for in their instructions.

Remember to use the free overture keyword tool I have listed in the links section.  For each category I listed I plugged in lets say “soccer trophy” to see what came up relating to that for search terms.  One of the extra attributes was events, and I used the event type descriptions within that.  I noticed (and from experience) that for bowling they like to use bowling banque awards instead of “trophy”.  I placed that in my event portion.  Be creative!  You never know what you will see in the search terms they come up with!  Will it work?  I have no idea, but its worth a try right?

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