Get Better Traffic with Anchor Text!

24 05 2007

I guess some people would ask first, “What the heck is anchor text?”  GOOD question, and in a short answer is linked text is usually relevant to the landing page. The objective of search engines is to provide highly relevant search results; this is where anchor text helps, as the tendency is, more often than not, to hyperlink words relevant to the landing page.

 For example John Chow likes to use “Make Money Online”.  Do you see how I linked his tag-line to his site?  Make Money On-line is the ANCHOR text, and the landing page?  HIS website in this example!  John Chow speaks a lot about making money on-line so it is relevant to the anchor text, and it also helps his ranking when others use this to link to his site! Matter of fact he ASKS you to do it that way!

I read a while back CLICK HERE is used a lot in sites that offer their readers the link to Adobe for their program to read their articles in .pdf.  In the search engines if you check to see WHO has the highest ranking for the words “CLICK HERE” it would be THEM!  Click here has nothing to DO with their software at all, but something tells me they don’t mind the ranking they get for using it!  On the funny side its a good example of something NOT relevant if you think about it! 

Use your keyword tools to come with up a tagline that would be revelant, and something people actually SEARCH for!  I was thinking about “build a store online“, but it doesn’t seem to popular!  I will have to brainstorm, and come up with something SOON!

Remember if your sites name is it may not be all that relevant to what your SITE is about!  Remember that search engines also don’t like those anchor text being to long.  Keep it short and simple!  “ home of the really fast photo developing” is WAY to long for a search engine to even bother with you!  SHORT and SWEET!

Keep something else in mind as well!  If you are signing up with a directories, webring, etc and they give you the opportunity to give that tag line instead of your website USE IT!  That is also Anchor text!

Blog about money online has an excellent article to continue your reading on the subject now that you have the basics!

Now get that anchor text, and drive that TRAFFIC home!

Tommy Hilfiger Womens Jeans Capri Destroyed low rise Size 5

Tommy Hilfiger Womens Jeans Capri Destroyed low rise Size 5

Tommy Hilfiger Womens Jeans Capri Destroyed low rise Size 5

These Tommy Hilfiger jeans are used, but have alot of wear left in them!

Freight based off Flat Priority Mail.

These measurements are taken with Tommy Hilfiger pants laying down!

Waist approx 31″

Hips (from bottom of zipper) 36.5″

Rise (crotch seam to top of pants) 9″

From Zipper to top of pants 6″

Inseam is 22.5″

Bottom of Tommy Hilfiger pants seam to seam 9″

Label reads: Tommy Jeans Size 5

Tons of hits in 30 days!

16 05 2007

You get 5 tips to try, and watch the traffic flow!

 5 tips to 600000 hits in three weeks

One of his tips I use for my offline business, and that is keep a pen and paper handy at ALL TIMES!  You just never know when that next brain storm is coming, and while it is fresh in your mind……WRITE IT DOWN!  I have learned you don’t even have to be all that detailed to get those creative juices flowing once you have some breathing space to think!  I guess I have been using my OWN keywords for years!  LOL!  The article suggests to do this for your own content for blog or site – which is VERY good advice!  I have found even new business ideas that seem so simple, but yet go right out of your head…..unless you write it down!  GOOD practice!

From what you have read here, and I’m sure other places is NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK!

Since the free version of wordpress doesn’t allow advertising, adsense, etc I guess I can’t comment to much on that stuff! 

One important comment because my kids need this  Nintendo DS Lite, and MOM (more importantly) needs her sanity at times!  YES I have to add the post dripping with sarcasm and pure manipulation!  LOL!  Seriously visit the blog and give it a some link love!  You will LOVE the content!

 Why? (see below)

Bob over at is giving away a free Nintendo DS Lite with a few games because it’s his birthday in May. While you’re there, check out some great posts about generating traffic and getting more rss subscribers. And don’t forget to wish him a happy birthday!  He is turning 30!  What an awesome age!  We will have to see what he offers up for the next landmark……40! 

 He is also offering you some great opportunities to become active in his forum about blogging!  Not only can you gain some knowledge, have fun, but you also following what the offline world calls NETWORKING!  LOL the online word…I might need the geek squad to help me that networking part!  Follow the fun and education at Bob Meets World Forums!

Now for some HUMOR! We all need that! ATTACK OF THE TURTLE!

 Cheerleader Cheerleading Shield Award Resin Trophy Gift Pewter with Gold Accents

Cheerleader Cheerleading Shield Award Resin Trophy Gift Pewter with Gold Accents

Cheerleader Cheerleading Shield Legend can hang on wall, or use the desk stand – see picture
These are approx 8.5” x 8”, and we will send you engraved plate

The highly detailed sports figures are handsomely framed in a shield shaped pewter and gold plaque with a colored sport icon at the top of the shield. Something new besides the traditional awards we may have received in the past. I always get comments of PRAISE from these types of products!

You have a group that you need to buy for? NO PROBLEM…we can do groups for you as well! Please let us know the number you need, and we will arrange to get your what you would like for your engraving.

Product is normally shipped out within 2 business days if not sooner AFTER payment has cleared!

We will do combined shipping, and you can order different items as well. For orders of 2+ please contact us for a shipping quote!

Making Money Online – Is this business for you?

11 05 2007

I read this article, and I really think it had some good points!  I have a business offline, and alot of what she wrote you have to have here as well I guess!  BOY that’s a relief!  I swear some days I feel so overwhelmed, but I have to admit this journey has really caught me some awesome things!

Will I have make money online?  I sure am going to give it the best try I can!  I have always been a determined person, so I hope with time success with come my way!

title=”Make Money Online – Is this business for you?”>

Its a article worth reading!! 

Cherry Jewelry Box Full Color and Personalized

Cherry Jewelry Box Full Color and Personalized

The tile is approximately 6″ x 8″. The box is approximately 8.25″ x 10.25″ x 2.5″ made out of quality solid cherry with a black felt bottom.

If you would like this image on a tile (or other item), please note in your e-mail: Pinto Photo on 6 x 8″ tile for Cherry Trinket Box. Also if you would like your tile personalized with a name, initials, etc. , just let us know.

Helpful Hint to get increase web traffic to your site!

9 05 2007

I was talking to some people I know that build websites for their clients, and they mentioned something about submitting articles online as a way of getting traffic to your site.  I know WE write blogs don’t we?  We submit to ping services, etc right?  SURE that is something of course!  I’m talking submitting articles to directories online. 

It has to be something interesting, and NO it shouldn’t be about your business.  Something general you may know about.  I had completely forgotten about this type of thing, until my friend reminded me about an article I had written for a business newsletter years ago.  I have a small business, and I couldn’t afford the room or the expense of an employee but I really needed HELP!  I wrote an article about having a ‘virtual assistant’ that helped me grow my business.  I did plugs here and there talking about my services that I did, but for the most part I was talking about the growing pains of a small business needing an extra pair of hands!  I really wasn’t ready for the ’employee’ phrase due to all kinds of issues.  I found a lady that worked with me via the internet.  I used a chat window, had an online calendar, task lists, etc.  It was helpful because she could make follow up calls when I was gone, and follow up on purchase orders I had placed.  When I was out of the office I could forward my calls to her phone!  It was very much of an unknown type of situation, but I also knew I wasn’t the ONLY one in this boat!  The article was a success!  At the end of the article I plugged myself and my company of course!  It really generated some traffic for me as well!

Find yourself some of the free article directories, and SURE make sure you use this to place a link in here and there to your site.  Since this is your property the people that may use your articles are not to ‘change’ anything, and there you have it!  Instant LINK traffic to your site!  Pretty cool huh?

From what I have gathered from my reading the search engines send out their resources to crawl these sites much more often than they do other sources!  Not only do you get your articles indexed quicker, but with your link in there it may get your site crawled more often as well! 

OHHHH!  AND don’t forget to place a little piece at the end to talk about yourself, and your online ventures!

Helen is married with two children, and has been running an engraving business for over 13 years.  She has now decided to expand her knowledge online!  Watch her blog Nice Used Clothes For Charity  as she speaks of her hills and valleys of online selling for her store that helps a Ministry!

22 ounce oz Custom Design Photo Print Promotional German Style Stein

22 ounce oz Custom Design Photo Print Promotional German Style Stein

22 ounce oz Custom dye sublimation printed Ceramic German Style Stein are priced with a full color wrap around sublimation imprint (or you can put 2 different images on them, 1 on either side). Mugs, steins and coasters make great gift items with your personalized quote, photo or company logo!

Content Search Engine Friendly?

1 05 2007

I just got done reading an article that was titled, “HELP ME my Mom is my only blog reader!”  I just had to giggle my heart out at that title ya know?  I’m sure most people when they start up a website or blog…or BOTH they announce to their friends and family with an email LINK for them to partcipate!  That will give you some traffic of course!  I myself belong to a number of forums online or communities, and I will place my information in the signature area!  I did this before I read this article, because I had seen it done by others!  I’m sure you have also!  If you post enough its like a commercial that tickled your fancy, and you see it enough and they are counting on you running to the store and buying that product!

You can also see by the stats WHAT is drawing in the traffic, and what they are reading!  I helped one year to plan a trip with a group of friends, and I placed a blog out there so the information was complete and no need for 10 millions calls!  We made decisions on where to stay, what to do, and WHO would bring what to this gathering!  For fun I went to bravenet, and got a counter and with that gave me some stats!  The trip was for people that were coming from all directions, and the place we were staying NONE of us had been there!  So a number of us found articles, pictures, facts, etc on the location.  With time (it was about a year planning) I noticed that we were starting to get traffic!  LOL It wasn’t for that purpose (the blog), but it was funny we figured it was all the informational stuff we were placing on there!  Bravenet showed me what search engines, what they typed in to find us, etc.  WordPress has some of that included, but its not as complete as other programs.  You really can’t import anything that I have found (like bravenet counters) either due to the no java rule!

ANYWAY>>>> the article has some fun and pretty straight forward tips!  It spoke about joining and participating in other blogs, websites, groups, community etc online.  Its a good way of placing your signature site on your posts, and get to know others that might link to you!  It had some small basic tips, but as my example of our trip planning blog with time THEY WILL COME!

Here was another site with 19 tips to draw attention to your site!

Girls Honua Spagetti Strap Orange Top – ADORABLE NWOT 13/14

Girls Honua Spagetti Strap Orange Top - ADORABLE NWOT 13/14

This top is very adorable! We were very disappointed when the gift from HI (relatives on vacation) didn’t fit! This item was tried on, and never worn again. There is a zipper on the right hand side from the picture along the side of the garment. Makes it easier to put on.

Tag on the inside states:

55%/45% poly/cotton

machine wash cold
bleach, tumble dry med

use cool iron

Made in HI


Style# 4000

Size 13/14

Measurements from garment laying down flat

The top (armpit to armpit) is 15.5 inches

Armpit seam to armpit seam 17”

Seam of armpit to bottom of garment is 12.25 inches

The straps themselves are 12 inches

Measurement from side to side (front) on top of 1st ruffle is 14.5” (seam to seam)

You will LOVE this top!!

What about Directories?

23 04 2007

How To Get Better Acceptance In Directory Submissions? « Directory Submission Blog

Was an interesting article about directories!  If you look towards the bottom of our blog you will see a section called ‘Recipital Links”, and I have a number of blog directories listed there.  For now I have decided I will go with some free directories until I learn a little more about them.  I realize some you have to pay for, and as I learn a bit more about them I may use those as well!

There are number of places that will show you links to directories.  Follow the advice in the above article, and pick out which ones will work for you!  Its a great way of driving traffic to your blog, and then you STORE for more sales!  Keep in mind there are directories for different areas.  You have directories for those that write ebooks, gardening, SEO, etc.  If you do a search I bet you will find directories around your interest, and in the end THIS is who you are targeting and will benefit you the most!

LIST  that found during a search on the internet!

I did a tag search on wordpress, and here are some good examples of different types of directories:

Geared Towards India

Geared Towards Science

Geared Towards Business Services

Geared Towards Ebooks

Geared Towards SEO

Geared Towards Gardening

Jalate Summer Dress Embroidery Size 13 SO NICE!

Jalate Denim Wear Dress Size 13
Details and Condition:
100% Cotton

This Jalate dress is very CUTE, and would be an awesome addition for this upcoming summer! Please see the pictures for closeups on the stitching. Snap Buttons.

Garment Laying down flat – Measurements are approx.

Armpit seam to hem 25.5 – 26″

Bust 38-40

Waist 33

Hips 36

From the center of neckline in the back to hem 33

Front neckline to hem 28