The Destructive Secret

3 07 2007

Another website I recommended in the past has a sermon called, “The Destructive Secret” and the secret is Domestic Violence or Abuse.  Pastor Lutzer of the Moody Bible church gave this sermon a year or so ago.  I guess you could say he ‘gets it’.  There are alot of churches out there that clearly don’t, and hands the victim additional burdens to carry instead of fellowship and truth that is much needed.

 Emotional Abuse and Your Faith Presents, “The Destructive Secret” audio sermon, and its about 45 minutes long.  I was very impressed!

 The sermon was uploaded and purchase to Archive if your would like to see the other options to, “The Destructive Secret”.

Jesus Heals Abuse  is a board online for abuse victims of faith, and gender isn’t an issue there.

Female Volleyball Bobblehead Trophy, Award or Gift
Female Volleyball Bobblehead Trophy
Female Volleyball Bobblehead Trophy Award or Gift is about 6″ (6 Inches) tall, and comes with a star on its base! Colorful and detailed and will be a hit with your next award or trophy event.The Volleyball female Trophy is Part Number RBH-546 and we will send you an engraved plate. The trophy is individually packed, and will be shipped directly to you!With this fun design will be appreciated for years to come! Grab something new besides the traditional awards you may have received in the past.Prices are low enough for Resale – Engraved plate included!

Domestic abuse in the church

30 05 2007

I found a video on Focus Ministries on You Tube.  It touches on some of the awesome things they do, and also educates its viewers on what domestic abuse is.   This is the ministry we started the store, and this blog to support and help continue to aid in their financial need!

Focus Ministries

Do you Squidoo? Could help your Traffic!

29 05 2007

For the last couple of days I have been helping a partner from another site Emotional Abuse and Your Faith put up some Squidoo pages.  It seems to be fairly simple, and easy to do!  Its nice because they do have a blog going into more detail, and also a forum you can go to and ask questions!  Use your keywords, and you also need (at times) some basic HTML.

When you read the squidoo site they speak about ‘lens’, and basically all that means is a web page!  We took a couple of her pages, and a couple of new articles that she wrote and placed them on squidoo.  As we searched around a bit we found new ways of doing this to gain some income.  YES squidoo will pay you for being there!  They have adsense articles on your page, and you also can choose some advertisers as well. You have a choice of either pocketing the cash, donating it to a charity, and part of it to a charity. 

You can use up to 40 keywords, and like most other places you use visit some other pages to get an idea of HOW they format, and what keywords they use.    We used her articles to promote BOTH her blog (Emotional Abuse and Your Faith), this blog (Nice Used Clothes For Charity), and the store (Ecrater – Nice Used Clothes For Charity) we write about here.  I haven’t checked with her, but I have noticed that I got some hits from it already here!  Our ranking when we placed the articles on there at the beginning was +100,000, and it has risen to +20,000 in a couple of days.

We both figured out HOW to do the pages, and this morning I submitted them to search engines and blog engines as well!  I sent out a couple of emails to friends about it, and she is going to place her pages on her blog.  This week I plan on placing some advertising for the store on there.

Here are a couple of her pages:

Emotional Abuse and Your Faith – Introduction Page 

When Everything I do is not right!

Is this the Proper Form of Communication?

The Abusive Person

Jesus Heals Abuse Board – Domestic, Verbal and Emotional Abuse

 Head over to Squidoo, and gets your ranking to grow and traffic to your site!  We will write about this more later!  Let us know what you can learned!

 Jaclyn Smith Womens Sweater Gorgeous White w/ pearls crochet

Jaclyn Smith Womens Sweater Gorgeous White w/ pearls crochet

White to Light Ivory Jaclyn Smith Sweater with Pearls, Extra Embellishments in Stitching, and some silver metallic thread – Please see smaller portion in picture to see some of the detail!

It has a crocheted neckline with a pearled hoop closure in the back.

Tags states: RN 79286, Style NO 9373

73% Acrylic, 24% Nylon

Size Large

Hand wash with mild soap – do not twist or wring – reshape dry flat

Garment laying down flat

Armpit-to-Armpit 23”

Shoulder-to-Shoulder 23”

Inseam armpit to hem of sleeve 20

Shoulder to Hem at bottom 25.5”

This Jaclyn Smith sweater is in perfect shape – not a mark on it! I would be surprised if it was worn ONCE! The detail on the top of the sweater is JUST very detailed and very feminine! It’s hard to get all the detail in this beautiful Jaclyn Smith sweater!

Guaranteed Linkbacks – Here is HOW!

25 05 2007

As we have spoken about before linkbacks can help you in your quest for search engine rankings, technorati, and also traffic to your site!  has a neat list on his site called, “D-list“.  This list is some blogs that have added some special HTML that states their blog will follow you automatically when you leave a comment on their blog – or linkback to you.  If you use this service – or actually major favor – they don’t want some crazy comments, spam, etc.  I would assume just like any other blog they will delete the comment!  They are truly looking for GOOD comments to keep the dialog going!  Just like you would wish for your own site!

Right now the site has a list of over 170 blogs to choosee from.  If you read a couple that seriously don’t do anything for you don’t worry about it!  The list has quite a selection to choose from!  Not only do you get a cool linkback, but you might learn something.  You might even find a site that keeps your interest so you keep coming back, and find new friends!

Pretty cool huh?

Billiards or Pool Resin Statue Trophy Award Gift Full Color

Billiards or Pool Resin Statue Trophy Award Gift Full Color

 Billiards or Pool Resin Statue Trophy Award Gift Full Color

Billiards or Pool Full Color Award is individually boxed.
They are approx 4.5″ tall, and accept 7/8″x 2 7/8″ plate approx.
Shipping is based off one item shipped.

PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to purchase more than one item at a time contact us directly because the system will charge you shipping per item, and not group the order together. We will invoice you directly (supply us with your zip code), and we will ship out the best way available.
With this charming design you have the weight of resin material, and you can see the details of the figures. Something new besides the traditional awards we may have received in the past. I always get comments of PRAISE from these types of products!

They are individually boxed and we will send you an engraved plate for it.

You have a group that you need to buy for? NO PROBLEM…we can do groups for you as well! Please let us know the number you need, and we will arrange to get your what you would like for your engraving.

Product is normally shipped out within 2 business days if not sooner AFTER payment has cleared!

We will do combined shipping, and you can order different items as well. For orders of 2+ please contact us for a shipping quote!


Get Better Traffic with Anchor Text!

24 05 2007

I guess some people would ask first, “What the heck is anchor text?”  GOOD question, and in a short answer is linked text is usually relevant to the landing page. The objective of search engines is to provide highly relevant search results; this is where anchor text helps, as the tendency is, more often than not, to hyperlink words relevant to the landing page.

 For example John Chow likes to use “Make Money Online”.  Do you see how I linked his tag-line to his site?  Make Money On-line is the ANCHOR text, and the landing page?  HIS website in this example!  John Chow speaks a lot about making money on-line so it is relevant to the anchor text, and it also helps his ranking when others use this to link to his site! Matter of fact he ASKS you to do it that way!

I read a while back CLICK HERE is used a lot in sites that offer their readers the link to Adobe for their program to read their articles in .pdf.  In the search engines if you check to see WHO has the highest ranking for the words “CLICK HERE” it would be THEM!  Click here has nothing to DO with their software at all, but something tells me they don’t mind the ranking they get for using it!  On the funny side its a good example of something NOT relevant if you think about it! 

Use your keyword tools to come with up a tagline that would be revelant, and something people actually SEARCH for!  I was thinking about “build a store online“, but it doesn’t seem to popular!  I will have to brainstorm, and come up with something SOON!

Remember if your sites name is it may not be all that relevant to what your SITE is about!  Remember that search engines also don’t like those anchor text being to long.  Keep it short and simple!  “ home of the really fast photo developing” is WAY to long for a search engine to even bother with you!  SHORT and SWEET!

Keep something else in mind as well!  If you are signing up with a directories, webring, etc and they give you the opportunity to give that tag line instead of your website USE IT!  That is also Anchor text!

Blog about money online has an excellent article to continue your reading on the subject now that you have the basics!

Now get that anchor text, and drive that TRAFFIC home!

Tommy Hilfiger Womens Jeans Capri Destroyed low rise Size 5

Tommy Hilfiger Womens Jeans Capri Destroyed low rise Size 5

Tommy Hilfiger Womens Jeans Capri Destroyed low rise Size 5

These Tommy Hilfiger jeans are used, but have alot of wear left in them!

Freight based off Flat Priority Mail.

These measurements are taken with Tommy Hilfiger pants laying down!

Waist approx 31″

Hips (from bottom of zipper) 36.5″

Rise (crotch seam to top of pants) 9″

From Zipper to top of pants 6″

Inseam is 22.5″

Bottom of Tommy Hilfiger pants seam to seam 9″

Label reads: Tommy Jeans Size 5

USPS rates effecting EVERYTHING! How to understand them.

22 05 2007

The first couple of days I read the USPS site for information on the postage.  Some of my items that I sell I do use USPS, and I was really gritting my teeth to find out HOW much more it was going to cost!  The USPS site was confusing more than helpful to me personally.

Once again I did my search on the Internet to see if I could find some information that was a bit clearer as to all these changes.  I knew they were going to base some of the items off size, weight and zone.  I HOPE this means more effective service!  I know for our area delivery can be terrible at times!  We have gone months having our mail lost, delivered wrong, etc.  Never received bills, bank statements and the rest!  Okay. Okay.  We won’t go there!

We will start with the first class strategy to see if this makes any sense to everyone!
First off GONE are the days of the flat 2 oz mailing with the price being the same, and size didn’t matter.   There are size considerations now.  You have three categories to choose from:  Letter, Flat and Parcel.

 We will use the above as our example!

The weight limit for a letter is now 3.5 oz, and if you above that you need to check the two other options to see WHICH is better to suit your needs!  Size is also a consideration for price also!

You have three price structures based on size more than weight.  You take that 2 oz package, and depending on HOW you mail it could affect the postage paid to get there!
If you place anything bulky inside your standard envelope now chances are good it will get damaged!  The standard envelope is basically for letter type correspondence ONLY!  If you need to send something within the envelope you are better off sending it as a FLAT!  They are placing them in a machine, and if you have anything in there it would rip open the envelope – could lose your item – or your recipient could get their correspondence in a little plastic bag called “Damaged during processing”.  This could be even something small like a luggage tag or pen!
Non-machine able isn’t what I thought it was!  At first I felt they mean if it had the zip plus 4 and the fancy bar codes, etc that a printer can do when you print your postage online for example.  I guess it means anything you can’t place in that processing machine is what is concerned non-machine able.  In other words, the example above with the luggage tag or pen inside your envelope?  You need to send that flat at the non-machince able price.  They can’t place that in their machines!  That includes envelopes that have clasps, strings, buttons, etc.  Anything that can get stuck in the machine is what I have understood.
The maximum weight for a letter is now 3.5 ounces, and anything above that is considered a flat!   Also anything bigger than a standard size envelope (like the #10 envelope) is considered a flat!  Thickness is also a factor!  If the envelope is over ¼” in height it will be considered a flat as well!

See the below picture for a visual and additional notes!

As you have read the flexiability of a flat is ALSO a factor!    See the picture below for a visual as to what that means.  If you ship something rigid, and it refuses to bend you will be charged MORE to ship your item! 

Priority mail of course still has their boxes available at the flat rate and regular rate!  I guess you could say there is a up side to this part!

The flat rate envelopes are $4.60 with a  maximum weight of 70 lbs, and you can get free delivery confirmation IF you print your postage online!  This price covers within the domestic United states.

They can also be used for international shipping now as well!  You are limited to 4 lbs at this point!

Domestic Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope can be used for international shipping:
  — One rate to Canada and Mexico
      • $9.00
  — One rate to all other countries
      • $11.00
— 4 pound maximum
• The dimensions of the envelope are 12 1/2″ X 9 1/2″.
• The contents of the flat rate envelope must be confined within the envelope, using the flap adhesive as the primary means of closure.
• The flap must close easily, adhere to the envelope and be secured with tape if desired.
• The design and shape of the envelope may not be altered or enlarged in any way to fit the contents.

What about the flat boxes?  They have two sizes, and up to 70 lbs within the domestic United States.  The price from what I have read is $8.95.  I would check with the post office for the weight restrictions for outside the United States, because I couldn’t find it online!

• Domestic Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes can be used for international shipping:
  — One rate to Canada and Mexico
       • $23.00
  — One rate to all other countries
       • $37.00
  — 20 pound maximum
• The inside dimensions for the two boxes available are 11″ x 8.5″ x 5.5″ and 13.625″ x 11.875″ x 3.375″.
• The contents of the flat rate box must be neatly contained inside of the box with adhesive packaging tape.
• The box must close securely and retain its shape when taped with adhesive.
• The shape of the box may not be changed or enlarged to fit its contents.

Extra services such as Delivery Confirmation™, Signature Confirmation®, and Insurance are available to use with Priority Mail Flat-Rate Envelopes and Boxes.

Well that is as far as I have got in understanding the new postal system!  I hope this helps others!  I’m sure I will visit this again as I learn more!  This is just the basics from what I understand!

Link to USPS Rate chart online!

 Paul Harris Womens Design PHD Classic Design Vest Dress – Sz L or Large

Paul Harris Womens Design PHD Classic Design Vest Dress - Sz L

Paul Harris Womens Design Vest Dress – Size L

I included a scan of the fabric so you can see it up close.

Details and Condition:
65% Polyester, 35% Rayon, 100% Nylon (black) Lining – Dry Clean Only

This Paul Harris Vest Dress is very pretty classic design, and would be an awesome addition for your wardrobe!

Garment laying down flat – Measurements are approx.
Armpit seam to hem 25″
Bust 40
Waist 40
Hips 42

MSN Product Upload Issues that I see – What about you?

20 05 2007

I got an email from MSN recently reminding me that there had not no activity on my account that I had signed up for.  To be perfectly honest I was a bit overwhelmed, and had MORE questions than answers when it came to their help section.  I also found that Ecrater stores are automatically being taken care of by the admins of that site!  PRETTY AWESOME HUH?  The problem I ran into was the images!  If you do any reading at all it seems to be a pretty good bottleneck for them.  Here is a quote I found on their site:

 Why aren’t there 100% images in the top results? The reason is largely because many sites, including very reputable merchants like,, and, block image crawling bots or seriously throttle them. We will have to work with these sites to address these issues, but the latest improvements in the number of Product Search top results with images are already quite significant.

So according to them everyone’s images are NOT capable with their system.  You don’t have issues other places, but with them you do.  I would think MSN would fix things on their end instead of asking others to change their system that seems to work other places.

 Anyway, they also mentioned in the email that they are now taking googlebase uploads.  I figured I would give them a shot, because of the images being missing on the products that ecrater sent over to them.  I have different categories like men, ladies, children, books, trophy, etc so I couldn’t place a category in there for them.  Category is in the data feed itself, so i wondered WHY they asked for it!  Maybe they want us to break it up – I’m not sure.  I did submit the googlebase file to them on Friday.  Today is Sunday and they are STILL processing it!  The screen says 36 hours, but my file is rather small compared to some.  I really wonder WHY it would take that long as well.

If they want new files to come to them, and it is going to take 36 hours for them to process it I plan on breaking my list up and giving it to them in sections.  Everyday or so I will supply them with a new list.  THAT IS if the picture issue is taken care of! 

If you have been reading for a while I sent googlebase a question about their google checkout.  According to the last email I receive from them if you set up a datafeed (bulk upload), and your items when clicked automatically send people to your store you can’t be counted as a company that offers google checkout.  Only the items you place on googlebase manually would be allowed that.  I know for a fact that isn’t TRUE!  I questioned them with links to examples, and of course no response.  I’m going to send it again!

Back to subject – will MSN take care of the image issue?  I sure hope so!  I will see if my image issue is taken care of once they are done ‘processing’ my feed.  Bleck!  36 hours is way to long! Another major bottleneck in my eyes!

I found a rather humorous thread last night, and wanted to share! How little rednecks become big rednecks!   I still was giggling this morning after reading it again!

 Levis Action Mens Jeans 40 x 32 USA Red Tag

Levis action jeans

Levis Action Mens Jeans 40 x 32 USA Red Tag

These Mens Levi Action Jeans are used, but have alot of wear left in them!

These measurements are taken when the Mens Levi Action Jeans laying down!

Waist approx 39″

Hips (from bottom of zipper) 42″

Rise (crotch seam to top of pants) 13″

From Zipper to top of pants 10″

Inseam is 26″

Bottom of pants seam to seam 9″

Label reads: 50% cotton/50% trevira esp polyester

These Mens Levi Action Jeans are in Excellent condition. There are no stains, holes, fraying. There is some slight fading, and it has the red tag.