Change in Googlebase Shipping Attribute

11 07 2007

I had been adding things to my datafeed, and reading the googlebase section for new information.  I guess I didn’t read it enough, because all of a sudden I got errors in my feed.  It was my shipping section.  I never had issues before, but now all of a sudden – WHAM!  I just couldn’t figure it out!  The wording on the error stated basically they are no longer supporting it, and that makes NO SENSE!

I went to the help section, and read other messages from people having the same issue.  One poster got a message back from googlebase that stated to add the shipping charge within the price of the product.  I’m sorry but that is insane if you want to look competitive, or what about if you have TONS products already live?  I wrote them myself and got some generic answer about “Check the help section”.  I wrote back a second time and FIRMLY asked them if they got rid of this attribute!  I finally got my answer!

Thank you for your email. Currently, we are unable to support the  shipping attribute. Please know that this was a recent change and we are very  sorry for any inconvenience it has caused you. Our engineers are working on a
resolution for the future, however, at this time, the shipping attribute will not function as normal. To resolve the errors in your file, please remove the attribute, and then upload your file again.
Google Base is a beta product, which means that it is constantly changing and developing. As a work around, please include your shipping  information under the description attribute.Again, I am very sorry for the trouble. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.Sincerely,
The Google Team

At first I was upset!  Then I thought about the datafeeds, and figured WELL it my listings take people directly to my site!  They will see the shipping there anyway!  What about the individual items you have live?  It sounds like you have to change ALL of your listings to accomodate this now.

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Goodbye Froogle!

25 04 2007

Google recently decided that they are doing away with Froogle, and making a product search instead.  Here on WordPress I found this quick note about it Farewell Froogle.  I followed one of the links to the main google blog and read an article called Back to Basics.

Now one of the selling points to Ecrater was that they automatically submitting the stores within Ecrater to Froogle.  I also have got the impression that you may get higher rating within the new product search if you offer the google checkout option.  On Ecrater community board it had been mentioned that placing your items into the google base would also help your chances of success.  More exciting also they mentioned that MSN is now picking up ecrater store items which helps the store owners.

MSN Product Upload 

Google Base

If you have alot of product this could be very time consuming.  I will be checking out both options, and since I have NEVER done anything like this before it should be interesting to see how easy or hard it is and I will post about that also!

On my faith side I found some videos last night on youtube, and I have to admit I am a bit of a history nut!  I found a program: National Geographic The Secret Bible Jesus Rivals.  These history items are just very interesting to me.  If speaking about rival Gods, and competition to Jesus bothers you greatly I wouldn’t watch these.  From a history standpoint I found it interesting.  I wanted to share!!

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Final Part  They were all very interesting!

Well I’m off to check out google base and MSN to see what I can learn!

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