GooglePages are FUN! You have one yet?

12 07 2007

Here is the “about” page for Google Pages

Google page basically allows you to make a couple of webpages for yourself.  You do have some access to the html, so you can dress them up a bit!  One requirement is to get the gmail (basically google’s email program) in order to do this.  I personally didn’t think it was all that big of deal!  You can still use your own email and passcode to sign into your google account.  My sign in name is the one I choose for gmail so don’t let it take you back when you see it after you sign in!  It wont’ show your email name that you opened your google account with anymore.

The more items you use OFF this program the more webspace you can use!  For example, I still use photobucket for my images.  My account as of now still has tons of space left!  The help section seems to be pretty active, and if you do a search for what you are looking for chances are you will find it!

I was reading the help section, and I came upon a poster that had his own googlepage with tips!  I went there and did some fast reading.  I learned that you can use templates from other places, and NOT use the ones avaiable!  That is all fine and great except you have to break the template UP and place in the separate sections of their TEMPLATE!  I found that out the hard way!  When you start playing around with it you see the button to edit the html, and so of course I did!  I erased all the html that was there, and then copied my template html that I worked on instead.  What I didn’t realize is that I placed my entire template within the header portion of the page, and it looked AWFUL!  You have to break up your template into the separate sections. 

The preview section isn’t all that helpful!  I found you must view it live in order to get a good feel for what it will look like live!  YES you can play around with it without it being LIVE on the internet, and if you decide to take it down off the internet it gives you that option also!

My page is still a work in progress!  Here is is!

Engraver For You

Now you can’t add meta tags or keywords into your html from what I have read.  You must make sure your page is keyword rich, and do this naturally!  Then make sure you get some of those one way links to drive up the page rank of your site!

Helpful tip page from another google page member

What I would LIKE to do is use this page for an entrance into my ecrater store!  I placed a note on my google page noting that if they click the ‘baseball’ button for example it will take them to the baseball trophy section of my store!  I will be adding additional sports trophies, and pages with time.   Remember to use your anchor text along with other items!

Car Magnet Full Color Design up to 72 Square inches

The Full Color Car Magnet images above are samples with approximate sizes. You may request the design or layout of any of these samples or describe what you would like and we will lay it out for you. Team sport magnets will be customized to your school colors (and mascots or logo if available).

Click on images above for larger view. 4″ x 18″ or 6″ x 12″ or 8″ x 9″ are popular sizes! Basically up to 72 square inches in a rectangle shape


Need Some Keyword Tools? WE GOT THEM!

18 05 2007

Keyword tools are very helpful, and at times comparing the difference between a couple of them can really open your eyes!

 Keep in mind you don’t just have to use these tools for the programing of your meta tags, but you can also use them to find good words to use for articles, advertising, etc.  There are a number of ways you can use them!  Technorati is another good way one if you are going to their site, and using words to drag traffic to your site!

There are pay versions of these tools of course, but I found some that are free.  I’m sure in time I will be upgrading to the paid versions, but for right now these are excellent items to add to your tool section for online!

Make sure you use them for ANYTHING you would wish to use keywords with!

Wordtracker Free Tool

Overture Keyword Tool

SEO books Keyword Tool

Volleyball Female Oval Award Resin Trophy Gift Resin with Gold Accents

Volleyball Female Oval Award Resin Trophy Gift Resin with Gold Accents
54519GS Part Number, 56519GS Smaller Version

Female Volleyball Oval Legend can hang on wall, or use the desk stand – see picture. This trophy, award or gift will be well received by your recipient! They come in specially designed boxes!

THESE COME IN TWO SIZES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These are approx 8.5” x 8”, and we will send you engraved plate
Smaller version is 6.5” x 6.0”, and we will send you an engraved plate. The smaller version is $7.00 each. Just request the smaller version when ordering!

The highly detailed sports figures are handsomely framed in an oval shaped resin and gold plaque. Something new besides the traditional awards we may have received in the past. I always get comments of PRAISE from these types of products!

You have a group that you need to buy for? NO PROBLEM…we can do groups for you as well! Please let us know the number you need, and we will arrange to get your what you would like for your engraving.

Content Search Engine Friendly?

1 05 2007

I just got done reading an article that was titled, “HELP ME my Mom is my only blog reader!”  I just had to giggle my heart out at that title ya know?  I’m sure most people when they start up a website or blog…or BOTH they announce to their friends and family with an email LINK for them to partcipate!  That will give you some traffic of course!  I myself belong to a number of forums online or communities, and I will place my information in the signature area!  I did this before I read this article, because I had seen it done by others!  I’m sure you have also!  If you post enough its like a commercial that tickled your fancy, and you see it enough and they are counting on you running to the store and buying that product!

You can also see by the stats WHAT is drawing in the traffic, and what they are reading!  I helped one year to plan a trip with a group of friends, and I placed a blog out there so the information was complete and no need for 10 millions calls!  We made decisions on where to stay, what to do, and WHO would bring what to this gathering!  For fun I went to bravenet, and got a counter and with that gave me some stats!  The trip was for people that were coming from all directions, and the place we were staying NONE of us had been there!  So a number of us found articles, pictures, facts, etc on the location.  With time (it was about a year planning) I noticed that we were starting to get traffic!  LOL It wasn’t for that purpose (the blog), but it was funny we figured it was all the informational stuff we were placing on there!  Bravenet showed me what search engines, what they typed in to find us, etc.  WordPress has some of that included, but its not as complete as other programs.  You really can’t import anything that I have found (like bravenet counters) either due to the no java rule!

ANYWAY>>>> the article has some fun and pretty straight forward tips!  It spoke about joining and participating in other blogs, websites, groups, community etc online.  Its a good way of placing your signature site on your posts, and get to know others that might link to you!  It had some small basic tips, but as my example of our trip planning blog with time THEY WILL COME!

Here was another site with 19 tips to draw attention to your site!

Girls Honua Spagetti Strap Orange Top – ADORABLE NWOT 13/14

Girls Honua Spagetti Strap Orange Top - ADORABLE NWOT 13/14

This top is very adorable! We were very disappointed when the gift from HI (relatives on vacation) didn’t fit! This item was tried on, and never worn again. There is a zipper on the right hand side from the picture along the side of the garment. Makes it easier to put on.

Tag on the inside states:

55%/45% poly/cotton

machine wash cold
bleach, tumble dry med

use cool iron

Made in HI


Style# 4000

Size 13/14

Measurements from garment laying down flat

The top (armpit to armpit) is 15.5 inches

Armpit seam to armpit seam 17”

Seam of armpit to bottom of garment is 12.25 inches

The straps themselves are 12 inches

Measurement from side to side (front) on top of 1st ruffle is 14.5” (seam to seam)

You will LOVE this top!!

Meta Tag Analyzer Tools

30 04 2007

When you start your store, site, blog the robots are looking for certain words, terms, phases to bring you some traffic!  At times you really have to play with these to get some decent works areas!  The Meta Tag Analyzer Tool can help you with this process.

You play with the meta tags  SO often at times you forget what combinations you used first, second, third and so on!  What I do is take out my notepad on the computer.  Cut and paste what I started with.  Then cut and paste every combination I come up with after that,  until I get to the point you like what you see as far as the meta analyzer score goes!  If you get really stuck look for a competitors site that is successful, and place their site in the Meta tag Analyzer tool I will link to today!  It will give you some clues as to what things you may wish to change a little, and what you need to add or delete!  For myself I can use another site that sells clothes, but remember I sell mostly gently used clothes so “New with Tags” for example wouldn’t be something I would use for a meta tag!  “Gently Used” might be a better word for me!  They may sell more of a different brand than I do!  I need to pay attention to WHAT brands I have on the site as well!

Remember how you word your products within the site as well!  It will not do any good for me to place “Womens Dress” in a keyword if my descriptions all say just “Dress” for example!  I found the little details like this can really help bring up your numbers!  I changed two items to a phrase like this, and I JUMPED in my percentage of acceptance!

Don’t get to frustrated at first when you first use this tool, and find out WOW I thought I did GOOD!  We are using our HUMAN brains, and are NOT a machine like the internet!  Anyway, I found it as a COOL Meta Tag Analyzer Tool to help make sure we have the right terms that the search engines like!  At first you will spend TONS of time it seems just to get it right!  Just remember to make sure you use the same terms over and over again within your description also !  For example lets take LEVI, or LEVIS, LEVI’S, LEVI STRAUSS as a combination!  Try to use ONE and not all!  Trying to find a good keyword tool to find what ‘levi’ combination is best is also a good place to start with some of these!  I even found that adding just the word – levi “JEANS” instead of just LEVI made a different!  Play with it and have FUN!  Look for the overture keyword tool I have linked to on my sidebar!

Meta Tag Analyzer Tool   Is something you will use again and again!
Cheerleading Cheerleader Gold Silver Resin figure Status Trophy Award

Cheerleader Resin Trophy

All Figures have antique silver with gold highlights, and are individually packaged.

Size is appox 6″

With this charming design you have the weight of resin material, and you can see the details of the figures. Something new besides the traditional awards we may have received in the past. I always get comments of PRAISE from these types of products!

They are Individually boxed and we will send you an engraved plate for it.

You have a group that you need to buy for? NO PROBLEM…..we can do groups for you as well! Please let us know the number you need, and we will arrange to get your what you would like for your engraving.

Meta Description Tags

29 04 2007

I am going to start on the basics that I have found for Meta Descriptions tags first.  I will go into more detail later.  You have to understand the basics (at least for me!) first, before you learn how to use them!  I have to say this was MORE than confusing for me at first, but I have enjoyed learning about them in time!

Here is a video that speaks about META Description tags in a very general form.  It will help you understand some of the basics, and we will go on from there!

One thing I learned about posting youtube videos on wordpress is – what a pain in the BUTT first of all!  Then I found the help file – at least for me wasn’t all that helpful!  What I gathered from reading alot from others having the same issue is:

  • Look for your “CODE” section of your posting.  If you look up top where you are writing in your blog they have “visual” and “code” tabs. See the code part to include your video!
  • Another thing that wasn’t all that clearly mentioned was adding “youtube=” and then your link.  Of course the use of the [] also.
  •   You see this portion over to the right hand side of youtube video, OR next to all the videos that allow you to link to them.  You are concerned with the “URL” code.  Copy that first!
  • Go into the “CODE” section and type “[” then type “youtube=” then paste the link you copied.  Then end it with the opposite bracket “]” You are basically closing it in!
  • For me I have figured out DON’T look at the window you are typing in for the preview – look at the preview section below to make sure it worked!  LOL That is AFTER you ‘save and continue editing”.
  • I have also heard to clear your temp files to help it load.

Anyway – ON WITH THE SHOW!  Learn more about Meta Description tags…and we will drive more deeply later!

Lot 12 VHS Tapes Barney, Spot, Clifford and others!

Lot 12 VHS Tapes Barney, Spot, Clifford and others!

Barney, Clifford, Berenstain Bears, Spot, Richard Scarry, Baby Songs (12)

For Clifford:
Fun with Numbers – no Original Jacket
Fun with Letters with Jacket

For Barney:
Barney in Concert
Barney Best Manners (With Jacket)
Rock with Barney
A Splash Party, Please!

Baby Songs with Hap Palmer
Volume One
More Baby Songs (with Jacket)
Even More Baby Songs (with Jacket)

Spot Goes to School

The Berestain Bears and the TRUTH plus Save the Bees

Richard Scarry’s Best Busy People Plus Silly Stories and songs Video EVER!

The Jacket that came with it states: Best Learning Songs Ever!

My children enjoyed this tapes for years, but they have now informed me they are to “old” for them! I placed all the videos in our VCR, and they all do work. Some of the jackets are missed – noted above. If you have Preschool children they aren’t going to care about the covers just the stories!

Search Engines

18 04 2007

There are is alot of talk about submitting your site to search engines.  Then you see those ads about how you can submit them to 100’s or 1000’s of engines all at once.  To be honest I think those ads are just looking to harvest your email so they can spam you to death!  If you want to do that type of thing I would recommend getting an email address JUST for that purpose.  Why?  Some of them will want you to confirm that your email, website, etc are legit and you will have to respond to them.  After that happens you email box will be filling up with EVERYTHING under the sun!  Why drive yourself insane?  I’m sure some of the items you get might be worth looking at, but for the most part BLECK!

It seems the way to go at first is submit to major search engines at first, and you can do that for free!  They all work a bit different, and remember this robots are looking for content!  Here are a couple of links to submit to:

Submit to msn here:  MSN Submit URL 

Submit to google here:  Google Submit URL

Yahoo you must have a signin name:  Yahoo Submit URL

Here is an interesting short article about How to gain popularity with the search engines.

It goes into some of the principles we have already spoke about.  Here are some helpful tips I have taken from the article.

    • Search engine robots are pretty rigid in their approach to sites. The robot crawls your HTML from top to bottom. Given this, it is important that the first stick of body copy it comes across (the stuff your readers also see) contains copy which is relevant to, and reflects: (a) the Title of your web page and, (b) the meta keywords and meta description phrases contained in the <Head> of your HTML.
    • To put it simply, the first few lines of copy will often be grabbed by the bots and used as a description of your site in their listing. So, if this copy says nothing in particular about your products or services, then you’ll be banished to page 97.
    • Research shows that people generally use phrases in their search requests – they rarely employ a single word. It makes sense, then, to populate your meta keywords with phrases you feel people will employ in their search for products or services.
    • And the easiest way to figure out what key phrases are optimal for your products, is to ask yourself what phrases people would use to find you, then try them out on the search engines.
    • One other point worth mentioning about keywords and phrases is that some search engines – Google, for instance – no longer take them into account at all! On the other hand, many others do. So it is generally better to incorporate them.
    • A title tag can contain up to twenty words; but more doesn’t mean better. Eight to twelve well chosen words is more than sufficient. For best results, the first (short) phrase of the title tag should be geared towards the human reader, while the remainder can be key words aimed at the bot. Bear in mind that the search engine will display only the first few words of the title tag anyway (whatever suits their house-style).
    • Now a word or two about how often you should post your site to search engines. Some authorities believe that if you post too often, your efforts may be seen as spam by the engines and you’ll be banned. On the other hand, it seems to be the consensus that you should post every time you make changes to pages or add pages.
    • Generally speaking, whenever you tweak your site – particularly the index page, you should post straight away. The search engines seem to like changes and they react accordingly by shoving you farther to the front of the listings. The more you do, the better they like it.

What is a STOP word?

17 04 2007

My question: Does a ‘stop word’ mean that the search engines STOPS on that word or does it ignore it and then continues reading the page?
Some search engines don’t record extremely common words in order to save space or to speed up searches. These are known as “stop words.”   Certain words, such as “and”, “the,” “a”, “an,” “of,” “on” and “with,” are so common and meaningless that a search engine won’t bother including them in their index, or database, of web page content. So in effect, the stop words on your web pages are ignored as if those words weren’t on your pages in the first place. Including a lot of stop words in your title tag waters down the title tag’s keyword density.

Here is a quote from a post I found – a portion of it anyway – when someone was trying to explain stop words.

It’s ok and may be btter to break this up a bit:


Aspencounty: Offering gold, silver jewelery. Many designs. Best selection. Best prices anywhere.

In this example I avoided the use of “stop” words and saved 19 characters while still saying the same thing. The same applies to your keywords. Most recommend they be separated with a comma (,).New and used, gold and silver jewelery, men’s and woman’s.New, used, gold, silver, jewelery, men’s, woman’s

While this is the traditional way of thinking there are even some that suggest not even separating them with a comma (,) but just by spacing them. The theory is by not using commas, the search engines can arrange them in several different combinations and phrases. Personally I haven’t leaned toward this idea yet.

So basically NO the stop words will not stop your site from being crawled, but they are a waste of time to use.  At times you must use stop word otherwise your title would not make sense at all to the read once they got there.  So in other words use them ONLY when you have to!  I found a long list of POSSIBLE words that will be ignored!  Keep in mind you can’t always get away with NOT using them so don’t FREAK out if you must use some of them!

Stop Words
 I placed the above on an excel spreadsheet, and then saved as a jpg so I could save as a chart.  If you need a bigger view here is my photobucket link.

Levis Dockers Mens 40 x 32 pants slacks trousers Classic, Pleated


These Levi Dockers Mens Pants are used, but have alot of wear in them!

Please see the Measurements below to make sure these will fit you the way you like!!

The Label Reads: 100% Cotton. No Wrinkle Twill. Classic Fit, Pleated. Style# 40443 8126

These Levi Dockers Mens pants are very NICE! They have been well taken care of, and Khaki color that is neutral enough in color to go with alot of items in your closet! I dont see any holes, stains, fraying, fading. Please see the gallery pictures to see the details including the faux wooden buttons, etc.

Please check out the measurements to make sure these Levis Dockers would fit you well! If you have any other questions please feel free to send me a note! The Size states 40/32.

Waist – Top of Pants 40
Hips – Around Bottom of Zipper 50
Rise – Crotch Seam to Top of Pants 13
Zipper to Top Of Pants 9.5
Inseam – Crotch Seam to Hem of Pants 32
Bottom of Pants – Length folded in half 9.5