GooglePages are FUN! You have one yet?

12 07 2007

Here is the “about” page for Google Pages

Google page basically allows you to make a couple of webpages for yourself.  You do have some access to the html, so you can dress them up a bit!  One requirement is to get the gmail (basically google’s email program) in order to do this.  I personally didn’t think it was all that big of deal!  You can still use your own email and passcode to sign into your google account.  My sign in name is the one I choose for gmail so don’t let it take you back when you see it after you sign in!  It wont’ show your email name that you opened your google account with anymore.

The more items you use OFF this program the more webspace you can use!  For example, I still use photobucket for my images.  My account as of now still has tons of space left!  The help section seems to be pretty active, and if you do a search for what you are looking for chances are you will find it!

I was reading the help section, and I came upon a poster that had his own googlepage with tips!  I went there and did some fast reading.  I learned that you can use templates from other places, and NOT use the ones avaiable!  That is all fine and great except you have to break the template UP and place in the separate sections of their TEMPLATE!  I found that out the hard way!  When you start playing around with it you see the button to edit the html, and so of course I did!  I erased all the html that was there, and then copied my template html that I worked on instead.  What I didn’t realize is that I placed my entire template within the header portion of the page, and it looked AWFUL!  You have to break up your template into the separate sections. 

The preview section isn’t all that helpful!  I found you must view it live in order to get a good feel for what it will look like live!  YES you can play around with it without it being LIVE on the internet, and if you decide to take it down off the internet it gives you that option also!

My page is still a work in progress!  Here is is!

Engraver For You

Now you can’t add meta tags or keywords into your html from what I have read.  You must make sure your page is keyword rich, and do this naturally!  Then make sure you get some of those one way links to drive up the page rank of your site!

Helpful tip page from another google page member

What I would LIKE to do is use this page for an entrance into my ecrater store!  I placed a note on my google page noting that if they click the ‘baseball’ button for example it will take them to the baseball trophy section of my store!  I will be adding additional sports trophies, and pages with time.   Remember to use your anchor text along with other items!

Car Magnet Full Color Design up to 72 Square inches

The Full Color Car Magnet images above are samples with approximate sizes. You may request the design or layout of any of these samples or describe what you would like and we will lay it out for you. Team sport magnets will be customized to your school colors (and mascots or logo if available).

Click on images above for larger view. 4″ x 18″ or 6″ x 12″ or 8″ x 9″ are popular sizes! Basically up to 72 square inches in a rectangle shape


Product Section In Ecrater Store

1 04 2007

The Next section on the list is PRODUCTS!  WOO HOO we get to enter some goods for sale!

Shopping for your products, or making them, or offering services etc I do believe is the funniest part of the whole process.

What I learned early on – with a great big DAHHH – is to wash your products FIRST before taking pictures!  That is of course if your product is not NEW – like mine!  Then you need to write down all your specifics about your product.  I have learned that if you go to Ebay – in their community section they have reviews written up to show examples how to best write up your product.  Make sure you place AS MUCH information as you can!  Remember people can’t touch or feel this product.  I had my own learning curves there myself!

You need to decide what price you are asking next.  Figure out how much it weights – in the package!  What I do is place the box on the scale – place the item on top of that and get my weight.  We will use that weight later on.  Just have it handy!

Go to the Bottom of the screen and pushed “Add new Product”

1)  Name:  It the title of the product.  Keep in mind to place something in there that people might use to search for product.  I try to place the brand, size, type of clothing, etc in my title line.

2)  Description:  You remember the item specifics I spoke about?  This is where you place that!  People will ask about:

  • If you will combine ship with other products (more than one item in the same box), and offer a discount for that.
  • If you will offer different shipping methods.
  • If you ship internationally.
  • How often do you ship out your product.
  • What types of shipping services do you offer.
  • Return Policy

I think you get the picture here!  Place as much information as you can in the body of the description.  I realize this website has a Question and Answer section, but most people aren’t going to go and read that.

3)  Pictures – Keep in mind when you upload the pictures for the first time use the one you want as your gallery photo FIRST!  The program allows you to upload up to 10 photos, but not in one step.  Just use the one for now, and you can go and add the rest later!

4)  Price – Your price for the product.

5) Local Category.  You remember the categories we spoke about before?  Pick the one that best fits your product. 

6)Global Category.  This is the categories that Ecrater uses on their main site.  Find one that best describes your product, and click it.

7)  Show as Featured on your home page.  Now lets say you have a handful of really awesome products, and you want them featured on the home page. 

  • VISUAL  On my home page you can see the section off to the right called, “Featured Item”.  That is what they are talking about. 
  • You must manually click, and remove the check mark to include or remove items from this section. 
  •  From what I understand if you use this feature for more than one of your products – they rotate.  Each time someone comes to your store a new item is displayed.

8) “Show on the top of your  product category page.”

I’m pretty sure this means if you what the “Ralph Lauren” jeans you are entering on the TOP of the jeans category it will be.  Again keep in mind that this system is very manual.  If you decided that you want a pair of levi’s next I think you might have to changed those yourself!

9)  Used Product.  If it is used – click it.  If not leave it alone!

10)  Is the item taxable?  yes or no!  Please make sure you get with your accountant to see when and HOW to get your tax number, and when you use this.  If you really get busy, and you don’t charge sales tax for items you could really get yourself into trouble.  Please check into that!

11)  Max Qty – how many of this item do you have to sell?  Place it there!

12)  Weight – we measured the weight of your item before.  Place that number in that space.

13)  Shipping:  I think that pretty much explains itself!  You have different options, and unlike Ebay and other sites shipping calulators are NOT used here!  Make sure you know the shipping requirements for your items off the mainland!  International shipping – I ask them to contact me for a quote in the body of my description.

14)  Click your add button at this point!

Now if you go back into the product section you see see your title line, and product gallery picture.  You have three choices at this point off to the right. 

1)  You have a icon that looks like a camera.  If you have additional pictures to place in your ad – NOW is the time!

You basically upload them one at a time in the next screen.

2)  The pencil is for you to edit your listing – you are back to the screen we talked about today.  You can correct misspellings, or how it is presented, etc.  Keep in mind ecrater does not allow html.

3)  The red “X” – that is for DELETE!  Once a product is sold, and you want to get rid of it – or maybe you have other reasons….its basically the DELETE button!  Get rid of IT!

Go ahead and enter the rest of your stuff just like above.  You can bring down the category, and then add product again.  Just make sure when entering it – double check the category when you come to it!

Featured Item for the Day:

Tommy Hilfiger 40 x 30 Big and Tall Mens Pants Slacks Trousers NICE!

Tommy Hilfiger Big and Tall Mens Pants 40 x 30


Up for sale is an authentic pair of Tommy Hilfiger Big and Tall Khaki’s in men’s size 40 x 30.
Pants are front pleated and they feel very nice.


Pants are gently worn, and very handsome. There is some slight fraying on the bottoms – see pictures. The buttons are missing on the back pockets. They have been washed, and are ready to go right out of the box!
Very Nice pair of pants, but check the measurements below!

Waist – Top of Pants 39.5
Hips – Around Bottom of Zipper 50
Rise – Crotch Seam to Top of Pants 11.75
Zipper to Top Of Pants 9
Inseam – Crotch Seam to Hem of Pants 26
Bottom of Pants – Length folded in half 9