How to Get Your Blog Noticed Quickly and Widely

10 07 2007

Below is an article I found that I felt was VERY useful! 

How to Get Your Blog Noticed Quickly and Widely
By Gregory White

1. Submit your blog to all of the directories listed on Pingomatic will ping 15 services all at once.

2. Ping your blog after every post at

3. Here’s a real gem: Submit your blog to Pingoat will ping over fifty blog ping services all at once. So you don’t have to hunt for ping services and manually ping them. Pingoat pings over fifty blog ping servers (growing) with just one click.

4. Ping your blog after every post at Pingoat at

5. Sign up for a free account at and register your blog there:

6. Submit your blog to all of the directores listed at

7. Sign up for a “My Yahoo” at and attach your blog to your own “My Yahoo” account. This will get your blog included in Yahoo very quickly. This is worth the effort to stop what you’re doing right and do it, since Yahoo has a PR 9.

8. Use this code: “” in your blog to allow others to put your feed on their own “My Yahoo” account.

9. Sign up for a “My MSN” at, and attach your blog to your own “My MSN” account. This will get your blog included in MSN very quickly. This is also invaluable because MSN has a PR 8.

10. Use this code: “ rss&ut=” in your blog to allow others to put your feed on their own “My MSN” account.

11. Place the link and description of your blog in your signature, so that any posts to Forums, Outgoing Emails, Autoresponder Courses, etc, will promote your blog.

12. Post a link and description of your blog on each of your sites.

13. Place your blog on all the major search engines. will submit your blog free to the top 14 Search engines here: will submit your blog free to the top 20 Search engines here:

14. Use Article Directories as a resource for articles to post on your blog. Here are a few:

15. Locate blogs with a lot of traffic and place useful comments in their comment box. Be sure the blog and your comments are relavent to both your blog and theirs. Senseless posts won’t help you, they’ll hurt you.

16. Once you get around 5 to 10 posts on your blog, start a PR campaign and announce it to all relevant channels.

17. Make a blog post as often as possible. More than once a day is not really necessary. Remember, if you can’t write that much, go to step # 14.

Greg White, Internet Marketer, Author, Consultant and Project Manager has been running successful web projects since 2001. His sites and blogs cover Blog Marketing Tactics, Internet Marketing Tactics and a variety of ‘Niche’ topics, in addition to starting and marketing profitable web project.

Article Source:

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Do you Squidoo? Could help your Traffic!

29 05 2007

For the last couple of days I have been helping a partner from another site Emotional Abuse and Your Faith put up some Squidoo pages.  It seems to be fairly simple, and easy to do!  Its nice because they do have a blog going into more detail, and also a forum you can go to and ask questions!  Use your keywords, and you also need (at times) some basic HTML.

When you read the squidoo site they speak about ‘lens’, and basically all that means is a web page!  We took a couple of her pages, and a couple of new articles that she wrote and placed them on squidoo.  As we searched around a bit we found new ways of doing this to gain some income.  YES squidoo will pay you for being there!  They have adsense articles on your page, and you also can choose some advertisers as well. You have a choice of either pocketing the cash, donating it to a charity, and part of it to a charity. 

You can use up to 40 keywords, and like most other places you use visit some other pages to get an idea of HOW they format, and what keywords they use.    We used her articles to promote BOTH her blog (Emotional Abuse and Your Faith), this blog (Nice Used Clothes For Charity), and the store (Ecrater – Nice Used Clothes For Charity) we write about here.  I haven’t checked with her, but I have noticed that I got some hits from it already here!  Our ranking when we placed the articles on there at the beginning was +100,000, and it has risen to +20,000 in a couple of days.

We both figured out HOW to do the pages, and this morning I submitted them to search engines and blog engines as well!  I sent out a couple of emails to friends about it, and she is going to place her pages on her blog.  This week I plan on placing some advertising for the store on there.

Here are a couple of her pages:

Emotional Abuse and Your Faith – Introduction Page 

When Everything I do is not right!

Is this the Proper Form of Communication?

The Abusive Person

Jesus Heals Abuse Board – Domestic, Verbal and Emotional Abuse

 Head over to Squidoo, and gets your ranking to grow and traffic to your site!  We will write about this more later!  Let us know what you can learned!

 Jaclyn Smith Womens Sweater Gorgeous White w/ pearls crochet

Jaclyn Smith Womens Sweater Gorgeous White w/ pearls crochet

White to Light Ivory Jaclyn Smith Sweater with Pearls, Extra Embellishments in Stitching, and some silver metallic thread – Please see smaller portion in picture to see some of the detail!

It has a crocheted neckline with a pearled hoop closure in the back.

Tags states: RN 79286, Style NO 9373

73% Acrylic, 24% Nylon

Size Large

Hand wash with mild soap – do not twist or wring – reshape dry flat

Garment laying down flat

Armpit-to-Armpit 23”

Shoulder-to-Shoulder 23”

Inseam armpit to hem of sleeve 20

Shoulder to Hem at bottom 25.5”

This Jaclyn Smith sweater is in perfect shape – not a mark on it! I would be surprised if it was worn ONCE! The detail on the top of the sweater is JUST very detailed and very feminine! It’s hard to get all the detail in this beautiful Jaclyn Smith sweater!

How to get Technorati to WORK for YOU!

14 05 2007

I’m only going to go over a couple of ways to get Technorati to work for you, and later we will go over some additional tips!  Technorati is a site that get people to you, and have that traffic work for you in a couple of ways! 

First what is Technorati?  Its a bit different than search engine like you use everyday.  The difference is BLOGS!  Yep!  Its a blog search engine!  Blogs are getting more and more popular, and those nice little tags that you can add will help to increase your flow of traffic!  That is what everyone is after RIGHT!  I will show you how to add the tags later!  They are similar to the categories section here in wordpress.

First off go to technorati, and look for the search bar.  Next to it is pull down menu, and today we want to work with TAGS!

Type in the subject matter or tag you might think could be an awesome choice for your blog.  As you can see I typed in keywords.  Once I hit enter I saw interesting results to narrow down things a bit!

See that cool line that says:  RELATED TAGS?  I pointed to them with an arrow.  GREAT tool to use for your additional tags, keywords, and maybe even your KILLER title line!  Why is that?  People are searching for those terms that why!  Unless you pick some tags that people are interested in don’t count on many visits from Technorati!

Technorati also gives you a list of the most popular tags!  Go to the home page, and swing over to the right.

Go can go a bit further when you hit MORE at the bottom!  This will give you some ideas of what to use. 

Once you find those tags that fit your article, subject matter you need to insert those into your posts!  On wordpress you must go to the top of your screen and hit the CODE tab!

Now check this cool tool out!  Technorati Tag Generator

According to Technorati you must place HTML code the way they want it in order for your tags to come up on their site to benefit you the most.  Now that can be a bit cumbersome if you have bunch of them!  With this tool you type out all your tags, and separate them with commas.  If you look to the right of the screen it does the code for YOU!  Just copy that code, and paste towards the bottom of your post.

I’m sure there are different styles to do this, but this is what I’m currently doing!  Oh YES – you must be register and follow their directions in order to get indexed in their system.  Here is the page for Technorati Blog Directory  As we spoke of before remember to PING them which that shortcut is in my sidebar with you add something, or change something!

If you use flickr or youtube those also can be tags for technorati indexing!  If you do that type of thing – make sure you take advantage of it!  In business we always say you never know where your next lead with come from!  I have to admit some of my leads came from the strangest places!

Blogging helps you build a community of readers, and that will increase your traffic AND hopefully your bottom line!  Being part of a community means you must be PART of it, and learning to use tags is only one part!  You must get involved with reading others materials, and getting involved with their communities as well!  I have to say that can be the fun part in all of this!  You never know where that will lead!

To be continued…….

Diane Von Furstenberg Crop Vintage 1980 top Size Large – CUTE

Diane Von Furstenberg Crop Vintage 1980 top Size Large - CUTE

Diane Von Furstenberg Crop Vintage 1980 top Size Large – CUTE

Type: Casual Size Type: Misses
Sleeve Length: Short Sleeve Size: L
Condition: Gently Used
DIANE VON FURSTENBERG Crop Button Front Summer Top
Details and Condition:
65% Polyester, 35% Cotton, Size L

This Diane Von Furstenburg Summer Top is very PRETTY, and would be an awesome addition for your summer wardrobe! Please see the pictures for closeup of the material design – its classic! I took pictures of the front where the buttons are, and the shoulders so you could see the extra stitching. It also has a front pocket.

Garment Laying down flat – Measurements are approx.

Armpit seam to hem 9.5″

Bust 28 with some stretch left

Bottom 20

What is a PING?

24 04 2007

There are a number of PING services available.  PING services basically announced to the world that you have made changes to your blog.  Its like COME AND GET MY NEW INFORMATION….service!

WordPress has an automatic ping, but I can’t be sure what places they PING to!  If you look to the sidebar I have a section named ping services.  I will add on more with time.

Ping services give information to search engines, and things may not happen right away but you will get noticed if you do this regularly!  I was told by the author of Emotional Abuse and Your Faith  that they use the ping services, and their major sources of hits now is google!  They have also mentioned our store and blog on their website.  That is called a link exchange.  They also support Focus Ministries, so we have something in common!

Keep in mind that Ping Services at times give you options of suppling JUST your homepage, or in addition your RSS feed!  For myself, I keep the store and the blog address and RSS feeds on a notepad file for easy retrival!  Just cut and paste – press enter – and I’m DONE!

Make sure you PING your blog!  If you have any other ping services to share please let us KNOW!


Pingomatic (used by wordpress)

Feedburner (Used by Emotional Abuse and Your Faith)

As I find more I will add them to the blogroll!

UPDATE:  I did find some more, and have added them to the section!!

UM & Company Floral Summer Dress w/ Tie – GORGEOUS! 7/8

UM Dress

UM & Company Floral Dress Size 7/8
Details and Condition:
100% Polyester

This UM dress is very GORGEOUS, and would be an awesome addition for this upcoming summer! Please see the pictures for closeups it has a tie in the back for a snug fit. Its is hard to measure due to the sheerness of the material.

Garment Laying down flat – Measurements are approx.

Armpit seam to hem 25 – 26″

Bust 36

Waist 31

Hips 34