How to Get Your Blog Noticed Quickly and Widely

10 07 2007

Below is an article I found that I felt was VERY useful! 

How to Get Your Blog Noticed Quickly and Widely
By Gregory White

1. Submit your blog to all of the directories listed on Pingomatic will ping 15 services all at once.

2. Ping your blog after every post at

3. Here’s a real gem: Submit your blog to Pingoat will ping over fifty blog ping services all at once. So you don’t have to hunt for ping services and manually ping them. Pingoat pings over fifty blog ping servers (growing) with just one click.

4. Ping your blog after every post at Pingoat at

5. Sign up for a free account at and register your blog there:

6. Submit your blog to all of the directores listed at

7. Sign up for a “My Yahoo” at and attach your blog to your own “My Yahoo” account. This will get your blog included in Yahoo very quickly. This is worth the effort to stop what you’re doing right and do it, since Yahoo has a PR 9.

8. Use this code: “” in your blog to allow others to put your feed on their own “My Yahoo” account.

9. Sign up for a “My MSN” at, and attach your blog to your own “My MSN” account. This will get your blog included in MSN very quickly. This is also invaluable because MSN has a PR 8.

10. Use this code: “ rss&ut=” in your blog to allow others to put your feed on their own “My MSN” account.

11. Place the link and description of your blog in your signature, so that any posts to Forums, Outgoing Emails, Autoresponder Courses, etc, will promote your blog.

12. Post a link and description of your blog on each of your sites.

13. Place your blog on all the major search engines. will submit your blog free to the top 14 Search engines here: will submit your blog free to the top 20 Search engines here:

14. Use Article Directories as a resource for articles to post on your blog. Here are a few:

15. Locate blogs with a lot of traffic and place useful comments in their comment box. Be sure the blog and your comments are relavent to both your blog and theirs. Senseless posts won’t help you, they’ll hurt you.

16. Once you get around 5 to 10 posts on your blog, start a PR campaign and announce it to all relevant channels.

17. Make a blog post as often as possible. More than once a day is not really necessary. Remember, if you can’t write that much, go to step # 14.

Greg White, Internet Marketer, Author, Consultant and Project Manager has been running successful web projects since 2001. His sites and blogs cover Blog Marketing Tactics, Internet Marketing Tactics and a variety of ‘Niche’ topics, in addition to starting and marketing profitable web project.

Article Source:

Soccer ball Lighted Resin with High Gloss Wooden Base
lighted soccerball lamp
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RSS Explained in PLAIN English!

3 05 2007

Awesome VIDEO!!  Its not you tube or another video type that wordpress supports I don’t think, so I am supplying you a link for the RSS video!  It nice to see that some people can play this type of thing in newbie language, or what the link calls PLAIN English!  To be honest I found it quite entertaining to say the least!  What you did you think?  I really thought the guy did a good job, and will make others wish to RUN out and get their RSS FEED now!


Male Female Bowling Bowler Gold Resin Trophy Award Statue

Bowling Trophy

All Figures have antique gold, and are individually boxed

Size is appox M 7.75″, F 7.75″ (choose 1)

With this charming design you have the weight of resin material, and you can see the details of the figures. Something new besides the traditional awards we may have received in the past. I always get comments of PRAISE from these types of products!

They are Individually boxed and we will send you an engraved plate for it.

You have a group that you need to buy for? NO PROBLEM…..we can do groups for you as well! Please let us know the number you need, and we will arrange to get your what you would like for your engraving.

What is a PING?

24 04 2007

There are a number of PING services available.  PING services basically announced to the world that you have made changes to your blog.  Its like COME AND GET MY NEW INFORMATION….service!

WordPress has an automatic ping, but I can’t be sure what places they PING to!  If you look to the sidebar I have a section named ping services.  I will add on more with time.

Ping services give information to search engines, and things may not happen right away but you will get noticed if you do this regularly!  I was told by the author of Emotional Abuse and Your Faith  that they use the ping services, and their major sources of hits now is google!  They have also mentioned our store and blog on their website.  That is called a link exchange.  They also support Focus Ministries, so we have something in common!

Keep in mind that Ping Services at times give you options of suppling JUST your homepage, or in addition your RSS feed!  For myself, I keep the store and the blog address and RSS feeds on a notepad file for easy retrival!  Just cut and paste – press enter – and I’m DONE!

Make sure you PING your blog!  If you have any other ping services to share please let us KNOW!


Pingomatic (used by wordpress)

Feedburner (Used by Emotional Abuse and Your Faith)

As I find more I will add them to the blogroll!

UPDATE:  I did find some more, and have added them to the section!!

UM & Company Floral Summer Dress w/ Tie – GORGEOUS! 7/8

UM Dress

UM & Company Floral Dress Size 7/8
Details and Condition:
100% Polyester

This UM dress is very GORGEOUS, and would be an awesome addition for this upcoming summer! Please see the pictures for closeups it has a tie in the back for a snug fit. Its is hard to measure due to the sheerness of the material.

Garment Laying down flat – Measurements are approx.

Armpit seam to hem 25 – 26″

Bust 36

Waist 31

Hips 34

What about Directories?

23 04 2007

How To Get Better Acceptance In Directory Submissions? « Directory Submission Blog

Was an interesting article about directories!  If you look towards the bottom of our blog you will see a section called ‘Recipital Links”, and I have a number of blog directories listed there.  For now I have decided I will go with some free directories until I learn a little more about them.  I realize some you have to pay for, and as I learn a bit more about them I may use those as well!

There are number of places that will show you links to directories.  Follow the advice in the above article, and pick out which ones will work for you!  Its a great way of driving traffic to your blog, and then you STORE for more sales!  Keep in mind there are directories for different areas.  You have directories for those that write ebooks, gardening, SEO, etc.  If you do a search I bet you will find directories around your interest, and in the end THIS is who you are targeting and will benefit you the most!

LIST  that found during a search on the internet!

I did a tag search on wordpress, and here are some good examples of different types of directories:

Geared Towards India

Geared Towards Science

Geared Towards Business Services

Geared Towards Ebooks

Geared Towards SEO

Geared Towards Gardening

Jalate Summer Dress Embroidery Size 13 SO NICE!

Jalate Denim Wear Dress Size 13
Details and Condition:
100% Cotton

This Jalate dress is very CUTE, and would be an awesome addition for this upcoming summer! Please see the pictures for closeups on the stitching. Snap Buttons.

Garment Laying down flat – Measurements are approx.

Armpit seam to hem 25.5 – 26″

Bust 38-40

Waist 33

Hips 36

From the center of neckline in the back to hem 33

Front neckline to hem 28

Advertising Ideas

9 04 2007

Ebay doesn’t like for you to place advertisments that go off their site.  A few things people have mentioned about this are the following:

Article written as to HOW you can do this legally!

You are allowed one link on your “ABOUT ME” page!  Here is the link to how you can create and manage this PAGE.

Other Items Mentioned for stores:

  • Include your ecrater store URL in every package you send out!
  • PayPal packing slip
  • If you send any invoice to your customers on Ebay make sure you place your website – it may not be clickable, but it is seen!
  • You can do the same thing if you send invoice’s via paypal.
  • Start a blog, and place RSS readers on it.
  • Announce a coupon – lets say take $20 off any order over $200, and mark it on coorespondence.
  • Write a newsletter!
  • Wearables, magnets and business cards promoting your business.
  • Someone wrote that when they return their library books they use their business card for the store as a bookmarker – and forget to remove it!
  • Join forums related to your wear, and place your link to the store, blog or whatever in there.  It helps the rating on how many sites are links to yours for internet searching purposes.  It can help with sales etc as well!
  • Leave your business card with the tip while dining out.
  • Find places and people that offer link exchanges.

These are just a few, and as I come up with more….I will post them!

4 Color Business Card Magnets On Special NOW! Qty 500!

4 Color Business Card Magnets On Special NOW! Qty 500!

Free 4 Color Process
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20 Mil is the Thickness and the size is 2” x 3.5” Quanity is 500. Cheap price for every shipment, sales order, etc that goes out! Magnets stick around also!

Price includes a 4 color process imprint on a white surface. The process allows you to print as many different colors as you want for one price. All PMS Colors will be converted to the closest process match. A perfect match cannot be guaranteed.

We will help as much as possible with your artwork. We will also send you one FREE proof right before production! This will be supplied online.

We so have some stock backgrounds if you prefer to use that. I have added some examples to the gallery above. Send me a note with your theme, or idea of what you might use to use and I will send back some examples. I will also do general typesetting for you.

Full Bleeds are available and your text should remain within 1 7/8” x 3/8”

Typically after artwork is finally approved and submitted production time is about 5 working days, and we have found that our customers typically get their product within 2 days after shipping.

If you prefer a thicker magnet 30 mil is also available at .22 per magnet instead of .19.

Below is for people that prefer to do their own artwork.

The highest quality art is VECTOR ART. It is resolution independent . This means that it can be enlarged without affecting the quality of your imprint.

RASTER ART (Placed/continuous tone images)
Raster Art is resolution dependent. When you change the size of an imprint, you change the quality. This means that the resolution (dpi or ppi) of your file is critical. Files must be at least 600dpi. Grayscale and Bitmaps must be 1200 dpi at 100% of final size. Do not submit files w/linked images. Please mebed all graphics.

Convert your text into “curves” or “outlines” before e-mailing your art.

We can add text to your imprint at no additional charge. We have a variety of popular fonts, just pick your favorite from the list on above. Then send a typewritten version of the text, and specify typeface, point sizes and case.

Artwork Standards
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We do have templates, and details instructions also…..just ask!

RSS Feeds – What do you do with them?

7 04 2007

WordPress has an RSS feed on your blog page.

I’m sure you have seen the above, and there are other feeders as well.  This one seems to be the most popular! 

First I want to include a cute video as an introduction!

So what did we learn about RSS?  Basically new content on your favorite sites are sent to you via your reader or email.   

Why would you want that?  It seems RSS is getting more and more popular, and as the video states – its saves your readers TIME!  I have been told that your website counter may go down, but if you pay attention to your feedburner account (the company I choose to burn my feeds) your readership has gone UP in alot of cases!  They don’t have to come to your website anymore to read what you have to say!

On ecrater you must burn you feed for each catagory, and to be honest I get the impression if you have more than one page on your catagory of goods – burn that as well!  That is why I have a couple of different feeds.

When I first HEARD about RSS I was writing on another blog off wordpress.  I had found a video I wanted to post to this blog, and I had no clue where to start to figure out HOW to do this!  I found this website that had tutorials in video form to show people how to do this.  YES this was before I had heard of Youtube!  They do have a good video on burning a RSS feed tho!

BURNING A FEED  You have a choice between a windows media or quicktime.  Its well worth the view if you are like me, and NOT quite sure what you are doing!

Once you burn the feed make sure you click on all the tabs within feedburner, and learn about them.  They even have a ping service for your feeds.  I will talk about pings on a later date! 

Spring/Fall Zero Posur girls Jacket with

 4 Velcro Pockets 6X

Spring/Fall Zero Posur girls Jacket with 4 Velcro Pockets 6X

This Light Blue Fall Spring Jacket is from Zero Posur.

Its one of those situtations we all hate when a relative buys your child this WONDERFUL jacket – you blink – and they grow out of it!

The inside tag mentions “Element Protector” it has the grey wool like lining (soft). The zipper pull is still in tact if that gives you any clue how much it was worn! The picture above you can see one of the side velcro pockets – front of jacket. The other one is on opposite side – I wanted you to see the gray accent going down the sleeves. On the left sleeve you have the “ZX” logo and the pocket you can see on the bottom portion of the main picture (thumbnail below), and a bigger pocket on the rear of the jacket shown on the top portion of main image (thumbnail bowl).

This jacket is nice for those Cool Spring Nights or Early to late Fall! Great for Camping TRIPS!

Label reads: Size GIRLS (L) 6X, Shell – 100% Nylon with Polyurethane coating. Lining: Body and Hood 75% Polyester 25% Rayon Sleeves 100% Polyster Rib 100% Acrylic Sleeves Filler 100% Polyester. Exclusive of Ornamentation. RN# 50411, Machine Wash Cold, Gentle Cycle, Wash Darks Separately, Do not Bleach. Tumble Dry Low, Do not Iron, May be Professional Dry Cleaned.

Normally, I use Priority Mail for all my packages.

If you would prefer to use Parcel Post for your packages to save some money on shipping I would be more than happy to do that. Keep in mind that will take at times a lot longer to get to you, and has restrictions for delivery confirmation and insurance.

I would be more than happy to combine items to save your money on shipping charges, and I normally ship out within 3-4 business days. If there is a delay I will contact you right away. I normally try to get the packages out promptly.

I welcome international orders, but you will have to contact me for a quote. Also be note that I can only pay the shipping charges presented at the time from the carrier, and can’t be responsible for additional fees you are asked to pay to be received within your country.

 violence ministry we are trying

to help with your sales: Focus Ministries