Change in Googlebase Shipping Attribute

11 07 2007

I had been adding things to my datafeed, and reading the googlebase section for new information.  I guess I didn’t read it enough, because all of a sudden I got errors in my feed.  It was my shipping section.  I never had issues before, but now all of a sudden – WHAM!  I just couldn’t figure it out!  The wording on the error stated basically they are no longer supporting it, and that makes NO SENSE!

I went to the help section, and read other messages from people having the same issue.  One poster got a message back from googlebase that stated to add the shipping charge within the price of the product.  I’m sorry but that is insane if you want to look competitive, or what about if you have TONS products already live?  I wrote them myself and got some generic answer about “Check the help section”.  I wrote back a second time and FIRMLY asked them if they got rid of this attribute!  I finally got my answer!

Thank you for your email. Currently, we are unable to support the  shipping attribute. Please know that this was a recent change and we are very  sorry for any inconvenience it has caused you. Our engineers are working on a
resolution for the future, however, at this time, the shipping attribute will not function as normal. To resolve the errors in your file, please remove the attribute, and then upload your file again.
Google Base is a beta product, which means that it is constantly changing and developing. As a work around, please include your shipping  information under the description attribute.Again, I am very sorry for the trouble. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.Sincerely,
The Google Team

At first I was upset!  Then I thought about the datafeeds, and figured WELL it my listings take people directly to my site!  They will see the shipping there anyway!  What about the individual items you have live?  It sounds like you have to change ALL of your listings to accomodate this now.

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Male Basketball Bobblehead Trophy, Award or Gift

Male Basketball Bobblehead Trophy, Award or Gift

Male Basketball Bobblehead Trophy Award or Gift is about 6″ (6 Inches) tall, and comes with a star on its base! Colorful and detailed and will be a hit with your next award or trophy event.

The Male Basketball Trophy is Part Number RBH-520 and we will send you an engraved plate. The trophy is individually packed, and will be shipped directly to you!

With this fun design will be appreciated for years to come! Grab something new besides the traditional awards you may have received in the past.


USPS rates effecting EVERYTHING! How to understand them.

22 05 2007

The first couple of days I read the USPS site for information on the postage.  Some of my items that I sell I do use USPS, and I was really gritting my teeth to find out HOW much more it was going to cost!  The USPS site was confusing more than helpful to me personally.

Once again I did my search on the Internet to see if I could find some information that was a bit clearer as to all these changes.  I knew they were going to base some of the items off size, weight and zone.  I HOPE this means more effective service!  I know for our area delivery can be terrible at times!  We have gone months having our mail lost, delivered wrong, etc.  Never received bills, bank statements and the rest!  Okay. Okay.  We won’t go there!

We will start with the first class strategy to see if this makes any sense to everyone!
First off GONE are the days of the flat 2 oz mailing with the price being the same, and size didn’t matter.   There are size considerations now.  You have three categories to choose from:  Letter, Flat and Parcel.

 We will use the above as our example!

The weight limit for a letter is now 3.5 oz, and if you above that you need to check the two other options to see WHICH is better to suit your needs!  Size is also a consideration for price also!

You have three price structures based on size more than weight.  You take that 2 oz package, and depending on HOW you mail it could affect the postage paid to get there!
If you place anything bulky inside your standard envelope now chances are good it will get damaged!  The standard envelope is basically for letter type correspondence ONLY!  If you need to send something within the envelope you are better off sending it as a FLAT!  They are placing them in a machine, and if you have anything in there it would rip open the envelope – could lose your item – or your recipient could get their correspondence in a little plastic bag called “Damaged during processing”.  This could be even something small like a luggage tag or pen!
Non-machine able isn’t what I thought it was!  At first I felt they mean if it had the zip plus 4 and the fancy bar codes, etc that a printer can do when you print your postage online for example.  I guess it means anything you can’t place in that processing machine is what is concerned non-machine able.  In other words, the example above with the luggage tag or pen inside your envelope?  You need to send that flat at the non-machince able price.  They can’t place that in their machines!  That includes envelopes that have clasps, strings, buttons, etc.  Anything that can get stuck in the machine is what I have understood.
The maximum weight for a letter is now 3.5 ounces, and anything above that is considered a flat!   Also anything bigger than a standard size envelope (like the #10 envelope) is considered a flat!  Thickness is also a factor!  If the envelope is over ¼” in height it will be considered a flat as well!

See the below picture for a visual and additional notes!

As you have read the flexiability of a flat is ALSO a factor!    See the picture below for a visual as to what that means.  If you ship something rigid, and it refuses to bend you will be charged MORE to ship your item! 

Priority mail of course still has their boxes available at the flat rate and regular rate!  I guess you could say there is a up side to this part!

The flat rate envelopes are $4.60 with a  maximum weight of 70 lbs, and you can get free delivery confirmation IF you print your postage online!  This price covers within the domestic United states.

They can also be used for international shipping now as well!  You are limited to 4 lbs at this point!

Domestic Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope can be used for international shipping:
  — One rate to Canada and Mexico
      • $9.00
  — One rate to all other countries
      • $11.00
— 4 pound maximum
• The dimensions of the envelope are 12 1/2″ X 9 1/2″.
• The contents of the flat rate envelope must be confined within the envelope, using the flap adhesive as the primary means of closure.
• The flap must close easily, adhere to the envelope and be secured with tape if desired.
• The design and shape of the envelope may not be altered or enlarged in any way to fit the contents.

What about the flat boxes?  They have two sizes, and up to 70 lbs within the domestic United States.  The price from what I have read is $8.95.  I would check with the post office for the weight restrictions for outside the United States, because I couldn’t find it online!

• Domestic Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes can be used for international shipping:
  — One rate to Canada and Mexico
       • $23.00
  — One rate to all other countries
       • $37.00
  — 20 pound maximum
• The inside dimensions for the two boxes available are 11″ x 8.5″ x 5.5″ and 13.625″ x 11.875″ x 3.375″.
• The contents of the flat rate box must be neatly contained inside of the box with adhesive packaging tape.
• The box must close securely and retain its shape when taped with adhesive.
• The shape of the box may not be changed or enlarged to fit its contents.

Extra services such as Delivery Confirmation™, Signature Confirmation®, and Insurance are available to use with Priority Mail Flat-Rate Envelopes and Boxes.

Well that is as far as I have got in understanding the new postal system!  I hope this helps others!  I’m sure I will visit this again as I learn more!  This is just the basics from what I understand!

Link to USPS Rate chart online!

 Paul Harris Womens Design PHD Classic Design Vest Dress – Sz L or Large

Paul Harris Womens Design PHD Classic Design Vest Dress - Sz L

Paul Harris Womens Design Vest Dress – Size L

I included a scan of the fabric so you can see it up close.

Details and Condition:
65% Polyester, 35% Rayon, 100% Nylon (black) Lining – Dry Clean Only

This Paul Harris Vest Dress is very pretty classic design, and would be an awesome addition for your wardrobe!

Garment laying down flat – Measurements are approx.
Armpit seam to hem 25″
Bust 40
Waist 40
Hips 42

Pet Free, Smoke Free, Never Stored in Scent?

4 04 2007

Comes from a Pet Free, Smoke Free Home and this Item has NEVER been stored among any Scented Products I never thought of this before honestly! 

Some people have really bad allergies to things that are scented.  From what I have read a lot of people ship clothes with dryer sheets to keep them smelling fresh.  I guess that is a nice idea overall, but if you have someone that can’t handle the smell…or may be allergic that could be an issue!  I read a thread recently that commented on this.  The poster got odd reactions I thought.  “If you are THAT sensitive go to the MALL!”  OUCH!

 I have family members that are major sensitive to things like that.  They have also mentioned certain laundry soaps makes them breakout, get rashes, etc.  Soaps with fragrances are so popular!  I have noticed a lot of new products with no fragrances, and claim to be allergy free.  I think I might consider buying those.  They do clean the same way… and clean just as well!

Here are a few comments I thought were worth noting.

 ·          The fragrance on a Dryer Sheet is especially tenacious and very difficult to remove, much more so than perfumes or cooking odors.
Also, the sheet transfers allergens onto the clothing so that, if the item is not dry cleaned or washed before wearing, these irritants may redden the skin of some people.  Eliminating these sheets is simply a kindness that would be appreciated by many buyers.

·          I mostly buy NWT. Sometimes these items have actually arrived with sheets in between the items.  When this happens, I wash the item. Once I had to dry clean a sweater because the dryer sheet odor would not come out after several washings. It still remained even after a washing and a dry cleaning. I had to give it away. This particular item was packed with several sheets. The seller meant well and thought she was giving a buyer a nice-smelling piece of clothing. But, not everyone agrees with everyone else’s idea of a lovely fragrance.

·          There is an anti-static sheet for the dryer that doesn’t use chemicals and last for 500 loads. I’m going to check into that at the Home Goods store. I also just switched to Tide Free. My oldest has always sensitive skin that reddens easily. I wonder if the dryer sheets are contributing to her skin irritation?

·          GOOD INFO ABOUT CLOTHES DRYERS and Dryer Sheets

The clothes dryer stopped drying. The repairman went
to the dryer and pulled out the lint filter. It was clean.
We always clean the lint from the filter after every load
of clothes.
He told us that he wanted to show us something.
He took the filter over to the sink, and ran hot water
over it. I am sure you know what your dryer’s lint filter
looks like. WELL…the hot water just sat on top of
the screen! It did not go through it at all!
He told us that dryer sheets cause a waxy film to build
up over the screen, and this does not let the air pass
through, so the heating unit overheats and burns out.
You cannot see the film, but it’s there. This is also can
cause dryers to catch fire, and potentially burn your
house down with it! He said the best way to keep
your dryer working for a very long time (and to keep
your electric bill lower because your clothes will dry
faster) is to clean that filter after every load, and
wash it with hot soapy water with an old toothbrush
(or other brush) every three months. He said that
makes the life of the dryer at least twice as long!
How about that! Learn something new every day!
I certainly didn’t know dryer sheets would do that.
So, I thought I’d share!
NOTE: A few days later I went to my dryer and
tested my screen by running water on it. The
water ran thru a little bit but mostly collected all
the water in the mesh screen. I washed it with
warm soapy water and a nylon brush and I had it
done in 30 seconds. Then when I rinsed it the
water ran right thru the screen! There wasn’t any
puddle of water at all!
That repairman knew what he was talking about!

I personally don’t have a problem using something that doesn’t have purfumes, scents, etc.  It may be worth noting in my sales or auctions.  I think have to think on that a bit!  For now, I think I will just use up the soap I have in the house presently!

Abercrombie Women's Jeans

These jeans are used, but have alot of wear left in them!

These measurements are taken when pants laying down!

Waist approx 31.5″

Hips (from bottom of zipper) 38″

Rise (crotch seam to top of pants) 10″

From Zipper to top of pants 8″

Inseam is 32″

Bottom of pants seam to seam 7″

Label reads: 100% cotton Made in the USA Size 4

Old School Zip Tomboy – The bottoms are frayed a bit – see additional pictures.

Normally, I use Priority Mail for all my packages.

If you would prefer to use Parcel Post for your packages to save some money on shipping I would be more than happy to do that. Keep in mind that will take at times a lot longer to get to you, and has restrictions for delivery confirmation and insurance.

I would be more than happy to combine items to save your money on shipping charges, and I normally ship out within 3-4 business days. If there is a delay I will contact you right away. I normally try to get the packages out promptly.

I welcome international orders, but you will have to contact me for a quote. Also be note that I can only pay the shipping charges presented at the time from the carrier, and can’t be responsible for additional fees you are asked to pay to be received within your country.

Here are some helpful links for conversion from USA Sizes to International Sizes!

For Women:

For Men:

For Children:

Shipping and Taxes Section

3 04 2007

I’m going to go into this whole section all at once.  To be honest there isn’t much to it, and it’s not the most HELPFUL section to the free online store in the world!

The Weight Scale section:

You need to choose the section that best fits your needs.  For myself I picked the first section:  Small.  I left it at that also!

In the shipping zones it depends on WHERE you are and WHERE you want to ship – you pick it!  For me being in the United States every country outside of here can be very confusing for shipping!  I choose NOT to include any other countries.  For now I want to stick to pants, since I’m not all that familiar with other things.  Most of the time pants will weight anywhere from 2-3 lbs on average in the box.  I know alot of people use those tyvec bags from the postal service, and I get kind of afraid of that!  I have ordered some bigger bags that aren’t offered at my local post office to see if I can use them.  For now I place the item into a shopping bag, so it will protect it from the weather once it arrives.  I use a box just because to me its more sturdy!  That might change once I receive the ordered items.  I don’t know yet!  I’m not sure if taping the crud out of the envelope will give me peace of mind it will get there in one piece to be honest! I do note that I ship internationally, but they need to contact me.  Certain orders if they are large enough I need to use insurance, and possiblity another carrier besides USPS.USPS Site for Supplies You can get all kinds of sizes of boxes, bags, and supplies from there.  Most of the items are FREE!  Can’t beat THAT!  If you sell more DVD’s, Books, Shoes, etc they have special boxes just for you!  I used one of their shoe box items for shipping lots of old VHS Tapes I had around the house that sold on Ebay.

The shipping Matrix I will have to play around with a bit.  Either I am NOT very quick, or I’m over thinking it!  For now I just filled in amounts for 1lb, 2lb and 4lb.  The one pound I will just use a standard flat rate envelope!  The 2 lb package I picked middle of the road postage zone for the rate.  The 4 lbs I used the standard flat rate box charge for USPS.  The most anyone has ever purchased from me was 2 items, and that is all I could fit in the box anyway.I came across an interesting conversation about “What if you use Ounces?  You know for light items! Here is what poster came up with!

So, the problem. I sell items that are very light and usually ship 1st Class and only weigh 2-4 ounces. With this system I couldn’t see how to set it up so when someone purchased more than one item so they wouldn’t get raped on shipping charges.The sollution. What I figured out was that instead of using the shipping matrix as it was ment to be used with pound weight’s I use it instead based on ounces.Example. For Mainland US in the shipping matrix I have shipping set to $1.50 for column’s 1 and 2 (ounces) then it starts going to even numbe weight’s. 4 is set to $1.65, 6 at $2.10, 8 at 2.60, 10 at 3.10, 12 at 3.55, 14 at 4.60, 16 at 4.60 and for 16+ which add’s the set ammount for each additional 2 units I set it to .30 cents.Created some store items and did a test checkout and it works!!!Just make sure that when you create your listing’s when you put in the weight to do it in ounces and not pounds. Not perfect but it works.Hope this helps anyone else that ships very light items.Pretty COOL huh? For the Sales tax portion you need to know HOW much sales tax you much charge for your area.  Some places you don’t have to charge sales tax if shipping outside the state, but DO have to charge within the state.  Again ask your accountant for this, and fill in the correct amount where indicated on the chart.  Leave the rest blank!

Lot of 5 Fun Boy’s Tee’s Sizes Vary around 6 – 7 Lot of 5 Fun Boy's Tee's Sizes Vary around 6 - 7This is a collection of Boy’s Tees, and I will describe all five,
and see the bottom for the pictures of them taken individually!
I took these measurements laying down, and certain measurements
you may wish to double.
The Red Tank Top (Sleeveless) is a Sonoma size M (5-6)Armpit to Armpit Seam is 14.5, Shoulder to Shoulder Seam is 11.75.
Shoulder seam to hem is 15.75 and Pit seam to hem is 10. Armhole is 6.
The Senor Frog Shirt (Skateboard theme) doesn’t have a size listed,
but I would guess 7. Armpit to Armpit seam is 14,
Shoulder to Shoulder Seam is 13, Shoulder seam to hem is 17.
Pit seam to hem is 10 . Top Sleeve seam to hem 6, Bottom 4.
The Moose Creek Shirt is a Arizona Shirt in Size L or 7.
Armpit to Armpit is 13.75, Shoulder to Shoulder seam is 12.75.
Shoulder Seam to hem is 16.5, and Pit seam to hem is 10.
Sleeve Searm to hem 6 and bottom is 2.5″.

The “Super Troops” Army Shirt is a Sonoma Shirt in Youth S.
Armpit to Armpit is 14.25, Shoulder to Shoulder seam is 14.
Shoulder Seam to hem is 18, and Pit seam to hem is 11.75.
Sleeve Seam to hem 4.25 and bottom is 2.5″.

The “SpiderMan” Shirt is a Underroos Shirt in L.
It does have a small smudge on the front that I just noticed.
It doesn’t look permanate. Armpit to Armpit is 15.25,
Shoulder to Shoulder seam is 13. Shoulder Seam to hem is
17.25, and Pit seam to hem is 10.25. Sleeve Seam to
hem 5.5 and bottom is 3″.

proceeds go to:
Focus Ministries